Danilo Barcelos

    Kaikkien aikojen

  • otteluita pelattu 145
  • maaleja 16
  • syöttöjä 11
  • Viimeksi nähty (päivää sitten) 11

Danilo Barcelos did not played any matches this season. Danilo Barcelos prefers to play with his left foot, as do 29% of his teammates. Portuguese defender Danilo Barcelos, who is currently under contract to Vasco Da Gama RJ in Brazil, joined the club January 3, 2019. He is NaN years younger than than his team's average age, as he was born on 17.08.1991. Standing 1.86 meter high, he is larger, when looking at the average height in his team. In Carioca (Brazil), Vasco Da Gama RJ is in first position, in Copa Libertadores of group E in third position and in Brasileiro Serie A (Brazil) they are in 16th place.

Throughout his time as professional football player, Danilo Barcelos was sanctioned with a card 17 times resulting in a mean value of 1.55 cards per play time. This season he was given but one penalty. His shortest stay in a club was five months in AA Ponte Preta SP (Brazil). In terms of top seasons, the Brasileiro Serie A 2017 (Brazil) was his best one yet, breaking one personal record in terms of goals. Vasco Da Gama RJ has 16 more defenders in their squad, namely Claudio Winck, Luiz Gustavo, Kainandro, Yago Pikachu, Rafael Franca, Miranda, Henrique Silva, Ramon Motta, Bruno Silva, Leandro Castan, Rodrigo, Werley, Breno, Ricardo Graca, Raul Caceres and Henriquez.

Vasco Da Gama RJ's jersey number 14 is Danilo Barcelos. Three years and 11 months was the maximum period he ever played in a team, which is America FC MG (Brazil). Prior to joining Vasco Da Gama RJ, he played for America FC MG, AA Ponte Preta SP and Sport Recife PE. Danilo Barcelos changed four clubs throughout his career as professional. So far this season, he won 60% in Carioca, lost 50% in Copa Libertadores and lost 40% of Vasco Da Gama RJ's matches in Brasileiro Serie A. They also managed to win 4 fixtures in a row in Carioca.

Besides Vasco Da Gama RJ, Danilo Barcelos is at Atletico Mineiro MG's command, too. At 165.35lb, he carries 2lb more than the average Vasco Da Gama RJ player. It's been 14 days since he played his latest match.

(Last edited May 12, 2019)