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Sidao stands 188cm high and thus is 8cm taller than his team on average. Born on December 24, 1982, Sidao's age of 36 underlies his team's mean. In Goiano (Brazil), Goias GO is in first position and in Brasileiro Serie B (Brazil) they are in fourth place. Portuguese goalkeeper Sidao, who is currently under contract to Goias GO in Brazil, joined the club January 1, 2019. Stunning 83% of Goias GO's football players are right footers and so is Sidao.

He had 32 match appearances this season. Besides Sidao, there are four more goalkeepers in Goias GO's lot: Marcelo Rangel, Matheus Alves, Marcao and Tadeu. To date, collectively he holds seven penalties. Lately, he seems to be more quiet since less penalties were given to him than usually. As for winning percentages, he won with Goias GO 80% of their home matches (50% in total) in Goiano and just 20% of their home matches (30% in total) in Brasileiro Serie B. Goias GO enjoys a 2-game winning streak during the last 5 games of the current season.

Sidao's record stay with a club is Sao Paulo SP (Brazil) with one year and 11 months. It's been 159 days since he played his latest match. He plays with the jersey number 12. Sidao impressed in Brasileiro Serie A 2016 (Brazil), reaching his personal record of match appearances. Considering he weighs unbelievable 202.82lb, Sidao is approximately 37lb heavier than the average player of Goias GO. The briefest time his spent on a team counts four months in his present club. Prior to joining Goias GO, he played for Sao Paulo SP and Botafogo RJ.

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