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Silvan Widmer

    Kaikkien aikojen

  • otteluita pelattu 368
  • maaleja 30
  • syöttöjä 29
  • Viimeksi nähty (päivää sitten) 138

    WC Qualification, UEFA tilastot

  • Otteluita Pelattu 1
  • Maaleja tehty 0
  • Vaihdettu sisään 1
  • Vaihdettu ulos 0
  • Viimeisin ottelu (päivää sitten) 2122
  • Syötöt 0
  • Keltaisia kortteja 0
  • Punaisia kortteja 0

Since Silvan Widmer came into world in 1993, to be more precise March 5th, the midfielder is NaN years younger than FC Basel's average player. Silvan Widmer was used in 38 of the matches in the present term. Standing 1.82 meter high, he is as tall as his team's mean height. He is a right footer just as 60% of FC Basel. The club of Silvan Widmer, FC Basel, presently holds fourth position in Uhrencup and second position in Super League (Switzerland).

In July 2018, German midfielder Silvan Widmer joined FC Basel (Switzerland), whom he is still playing for. While being substituted more out than in this season, the contrary occured the year before. However, he shows 15 out and 23 in substitutions in total. This season he scored two and assisted six goals which is 1.6% of all of FC Basel's goals in Super League 18/19 (Switzerland). On average, he initialized 0.16 and hit the net 0.05 times per match this season which is a worse performance than last year's. Back then 0.12 goals and 0.08 assists per match have been achieved.

The longest period that Silvan Widmer stayed in a team was five years and a day in Udinese Calcio (Italy) At FC Basel, he is the owner of jersey number 5. In terms of winning, his team was able to do so in none of Uhrencup's and in 60% of Super League's matches. Silvan Widmer's shortest spell with a club was just two months in Switzerland (Switzerland). To date, collectively he holds 28 penalties. Lately, he seems to be more quiet since less penalties were given to him than usually.

Serie A 14/15 (Italy) has been his best season so far since he reached both his personal highest amount of played matches and given assists. Silvan Widmer was contracted to a few clubs during his professional career, one of them being Udinese Calcio, for whom he played before coming to Switzerland. Considering he weighs around 174.16lb, Silvan Widmer is approximately 9lb heavier than the average player of FC Basel. Just four days ago he played his latest match. Apart from Silvan Widmer, Samuele Campo, Kevin Bua, Julian Vonmoos, Fabian Frei, Arxhend Cani, Taulant Xhaka, Luca Zuffi, Aldo Kalulu, Noah Okafor, Zdravko Kuzmanovic, Robin Huser and Valentin Stocker are also midfielders of FC Basel.

(Last edited May 9, 2019)