Sven Nieuwpoort

    Kaikkien aikojen

  • otteluita pelattu 191
  • maaleja 5
  • syöttöjä 0
  • Viimeksi nähty (päivää sitten) 267

Back in 2016, Flemish defender Sven Nieuwpoort's contract with De Graafschap (Netherlands), the club he is still a member of, took effect. Sven Nieuwpoort is a right footer just as 71% of De Graafschap. He played 20 matches this season. Measuring 184cm, De Graafschap's average player height matches the one of Sven Nieuwpoort. He is currently 17th in Eredivisie (Netherlands) with his team De Graafschap. Having been born in 1993, on April 13, his age of 26 makes him junior to the average player of De Graafschap.

Besides Sven Nieuwpoort, there are nine more defenders in De Graafschap's lot: Ruben Ligeon, Mart Janssen, Jurre Vreman, Ted Van de Pavert, Bart Straalman, Reyer van Doorn, Leeroy Owusu, Lars Nieuwpoort and Jordy Tutuarima. To date, collectively he holds 29 penalties, of which one is red. Lately, he seems to be more quiet since less penalties were given to him than usually. With each day at De Graafschap, he is extending his personal record stay with a club which counts two years and 11 months for the time being.

Five months was the stubbiest period that Sven Nieuwpoort was contracted to a team (Almere City FC from Netherlands) De Graafschap's jersey number 23 is Sven Nieuwpoort. He weighs 77kg which is 2kg more than his team's average heftiness. So far this season, he lost 60% of De Graafschap's matches in Eredivisie. Unfortunately they did not manage to wrap up a single fixture, but at least tied once. Sven Nieuwpoort reached the 184 appearances milestone as a professionl, the last one being yesterday.

After an overall look at his career, we can see that he was substituted in nine times but never out. In the active season, he was taken out more often just like in the previous one. He played for Go Ahead Eagles, Almere City FC and Jong Ajax Amsterdam before ending up in De Graafschap. Sven Nieuwpoort impressed in Eerste Divisie 13/14 (Netherlands), reaching his personal record of goals.

(Last edited May 14, 2019)