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1st June 2019: The new rules of football decided by the International Football Association Board

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Starting from the 1st June 2019, new rules will be introduced to the football world

The new regulations will be set for the coming championships: FIFA Women’s World Cup, Euro 21s, Africa Cup of Nations, Copa America.

During the 133rd Annual General Meeting, the IFAB established several new rules concerning, specifications on the handballs, the position of the goalkeepers during a penalty kick, the disposition of the wall during free kicks, the substitutions, goalkicks, penalties for the staff on the bench.

Those new regulations concern first handballs and their intentionality from the player, this debate is controversial since the introduction of the VAR and several penalties that were given after unclear situations like the penalty for Perisic during the world cup finale 2018 against France.

Concerning the handball topic the IFAB wanted to clarify the situations in which the player should be sanctioned or not.

A free kick will be granted if:

  • the player scores with his hand or arm, even unintentionally
  • the player gains control of the ball after touching it with his hand or arm and scores or gets a goal opportunity
  • the player touches the ball with his arm after unnaturally enlarging the surface of his body
  • the player touches the ball with his hand or arm above the shoulder level

However, no foul will be whistled

  • the player does an involuntary handball after the ball has bounced off another part of the player’s body or another player too close to prevent contact with the hand or arm
  • if the player falls and accidentally touches the ball with his hand or arm.

Concerning the other rules:

  • No teammate of the kicker will be allowed to come and stick to the wall (if it consists of at least three players) on a free-kick, the minimum distance will be 1 meter.
  • On a penalty kick, the goalkeeper will no longer be required to keep both feet on the line but only one.
  • During changes, the replaced player must leave by the boundaries of the field closest to him and no longer necessarily by the midline, the objective being to limit time savings technics.
  • Dropped-ball for restarting play in a game will no longer be disputed, the ball will be returned to a single player: the goalkeeper in the event of stopped play in the area, a player from the team in possession of the ball before the stoppage of play in the opposite case.
  • A goal will not be scored if the last person to touch the ball is the referee.
  • In a goakick, the ball is in play as soon as it has been played, without necessarily having to cross the six-yard line.
  • A staff member can now be warned (yellow card) or excluded (red card) and in case of behaviour against the rules of the game. If the offender cannot be identified, the head coach will receive the sanction.

It is not the first time that the rules have been modified i by the administrators in order to improve a fair-game and probably wont’t be the last…