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De Ligt: 3 times the salary of De Jong

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The 19 years old Ajax captain would have already selected his new club for the upcoming seasons after having asked for more money and analyzed the various offers that were available to him. The Juventus of Turin is about to make the deal of this summer’s Mercato by enlisting the Dutchman, who will earn an impressive salary in Italy.

The De Ligt episode is about to come to an end. The player can no longer keep the suspense going any further, as the clubs will start to train in early July.

The struggle between Barcelona and PSG was fierce. The Catalans put forward a solid sports project and relied on the sentimental and family aspect. PSG promised him an indisputable incumbent position and an XXL salary.

But Juventus have entered the game and seem to have finally taken the lead in securing the Dutchman’s services. Cristiano Ronaldo had taken on the task of convincing de Ligt after the League of Nations final, and the investment that the Italian club is willing to make is higher than that of the French or Catalans.

According to the Dutch daily newspaper ‘AD’, de Ligt would receive three times more than de Jong in Barcelona and would be the second-highest-paid player in the entire Serie A, behind Cristiano.

If this were to be confirmed, the Ajax captain would earn more than other great players like Dybala, Pjanic or Icardi and his transfer would be around €70 million.