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FC Chelsea vs. Huddersfield Town 5:0

Hazard talks about the potential of his partnership with Higuain

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The Blues are currently standing fourth again in the Premier League, thanks to yesterday’s 5-0 win against Huddersfield Town, not to mention that their morale is once again high. And this is the perfect state of mind needed for next Sunday’s trip to Manchester City.

Maurizio Sarri is fully aware of the importance of finishing on a Champions League, but he’s probably more delighted after seeing Gonzalo Higuain, the man he insisted to bring at Stamford Bridge, scoring a brace in his third game for Chelsea.

But the most important aspect of this game was the chemistry between the Argentine striker and Eden Hazard, as they completed 14 and 21 passes to each in the last two games, the first and third-most combinations between the winger and any other Chelsea striker this season.

Right after the game, the Belgian was asked if he and his new are now on the same wavelength: “Today, yes; Wednesday, no, but today, yes,” he replied.

“We are improving together, training together now since ten days ago. He’s a great striker. He’s a bit less of a target man than Giroud, but he can hold the ball, he can play one touches – so, he’s intelligent.”

And Hazard is really confident that Chelsea’s new signing will be a constant scorer by the end of the season, adding that he’s “unbelievable” in the box.

Maurizio Sarri shares the same thoughts, believing that Gonzalo Higuain has exactly what’s needed to form a very productive partnership with Eden Hazard.

“He is a great player. Apart from the goals, he is really very suitable to play very close to Eden.”

Of course, we shouldn’t forget that Chelsea won against the team standing last in the Premier League, so the real test for the Hazard-Higuain newly-formed partnership will be next week’s clash with Premier League champions Manchester City.

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