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No chance for brazilian signing

Jose Mourinho admits that he won’t play Fred

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Manchester United spent a lot of money on Fred this summer and everybody was expecting big things from the Brazilian. However, he ended up playing in just three of the last 14 games, not to mention that he was left completely out of the squad this week, against Arsenal.

The 25-year-old has blamed his lack of opportunities to play in the first team as the cause for losing his place in Brazil’s national team, but Jose Mourinho believes that he just can’t risk playing Fred on a regular basis until more defensively-minded players will be around him.

“Step by step. You have also other players in other clubs that needed their time, and you have some of them that played even less than what Fred is playing,” Mourinho said about the player when he was asked about the former Shakhtar Donetsk midfielder’s progress.

“I think Fred when the team is defensively stronger and doesn’t need in midfield people that are more worried in giving some balance to the team than being involved in creation and attacking dynamic, the day we are stronger defensively I think the horizons for Fred change completely.”

A lot of fans are criticizing the Portuguese’s decision, saying that Fred is just another one of this season’s victims, alongside players like Phil Jones, Anthony Martial, or Paul Pogba, the latter being the main cause of the team’s current attitude, according to the manager.

Manchester United are meeting Fulham this weekend and everybody is looking forward to a victory, especially after this week’s 2-2 against Arsenal. Most likely, Fred will remain on the bench.

Mourinho spoke highly of their adversaries’ new manager, Claudio Ranieri, who guided Leicester to Premier League glory in 2016.

“Fulham have one of the two most important managers in the history of the Premier League, so they have the potential to come here tomorrow and to give us a very difficult match,” he said.

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