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We at Chuck No Risk Sports editorial provide you with the latest, most interesting and most exciting news from a wide range of sports areas every day. Along with the world’s number one sport, football, we also, of course, cover tennis, boxing, handball, winter sports, Formula 1, golf, cycling and American sports like American football, baseball or basketball. Naturally, we also place special emphasis on World Championships, European Championships or world-famous sporting events like the Super Bowl in the NFL or the Tour de France. The European Cup competitions in football, like the Champions League and the Europa League are also regularly covered by us.

Our editorial department searches out the latest sports news from all over the world and from the most varied of areas every day and then compiles them reliably and on a daily basis. Publication is always prompt and concise because the fast publication is crucial, as there is great interest, especially in the area of football, and the competition does not sleep.

Of course, with all news, the authenticity and integrity of the source has the highest importance. Solid and extensive research and checking of sources has the highest priority for us and is always in the foreground before we publish the Sports News. If the news is not relevant to us or transpires to be untrue, it is, of course, not published. Credible, objective and true reporting is too important to us for that. Unfortunately, there are always dubious and poorly researched news where the editors have only one aim to generate clicks. However, if stand that this kind of working is only short term and cannot be an option for us at Chuck No Risk. Quality will always prevail– including in the field of Sports News and we stake our name on that 100 per cent.

We have news around various themes around the subject of sport. Whether this is about an impending transfer, a change of manager, an injury or a club’s financial problems is secondary. All news on the subject of sport is important to us and all are treated equally. Regular, comprehensive and wide-ranging reporting is the most important to us. We don’t wish to present you with just a limited selection of news in the run-up, we aim to offer as wide a spectrum of news as possible so that you can then decide for yourself what types of sports news are relevant to you and which are not.

Our main focus is, of course, on the Bundesliga, 2nd division of the Bundesliga and the four other top leagues in Europe. These are the English Premier League, the Spanish LaLiga, the Italian Serie A and the French Ligue 1. Football is just the most popular and most visited type of sport worldwide– including in Sports News.