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United legend about possible manager

Paul Scholes is skeptical about Zinedine Zidane replacing Jose Mourinho

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With Manchester United being on a four-game winless run right now, there’s no doubt that Jose Mourinho is in danger of losing his job. After all, this entire season was horrible so far for the Red Devils, so the board is probably trying to find a solution.

Bookmakers are already offering odds for the Portuguese being the next sacked manager in England’s top league, not to mention that rumors about his possible replacement have already started spreading.

To be more specific, we’re talking about former Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane, who was linked to a move to Old Trafford.

Most people would say that this would be an excellent choice since we’re talking about the man who won the UEFA Champions League for three years in a row with his former club. However, Manchester United legend Paul Scholes believes that the club should look for somebody else.

“Is Zidane the right man, though?” he said on BT Sport. “He went in to Real Madrid, who had a group of ready-made winners already.”

“This is a totally different job; he would have to rebuild confidence with a squad that isn’t quite performing. He went to Real Madrid with so many great players, it was still difficult, but this would be a whole rebuilding job.”

And he does have a point right here, as rebuilding United’s current squad and turn them into title contenders could take a few years, not to mention that Zinedine Zidane hasn’t proved – yet – that he is able to work in harsh conditions, so he could find his mission at Manchester United a bit overwhelming.

In this case, there’s one question to ask: who’s the right manager to help the team? It’s actually very difficult to come up with a name. On the other side, Jose Mourinho could stay, as the board is somehow still trusting him.

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