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PSG sets a deadline for Neymar transfer

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PSG is not going to wait forever for a club to make an offer for Neymar transfer. If a club is interested, it must make a formal declaration soon.

PSG is still open to a departure of the Brazilian striker, Neymar. The manager Leonardo suggested ut as soon as he took office. A transfer could be considered for a proper amount of money. Furthermore, no club made an offer yet.

Rumors about FC Barcelona being on the case are strong to bring back the Brazilian to Camp Nou. But in reality, the Spanish club is keeping a low profile on the case. No official offer has been made. But in reality, the Spanish club stay quite on the topic and no official offer has been made. And the deadline is fastly approaching

According to the french newspaper “L’Equipe, Paris has fixed the deadline for Neymar transfer to the beginning of Ligue 1 new season start, the 12 of August. After this date, all offers will be denied.

300M€ fee

Paris does not want to wait indefinitely for a proposal to arrive on the table. And on the other hand, he is not willing to discuss for less than 300M€. While rumours suggested that a voucher could be granted to Neymar in the event of a cheque for 180M€, this is absolutely not the case. Nasser Al-Khelaifi intends not only to recover the €220 million he paid two years ago for “Ney”, but also to make a profit in this operation. In order to replenish the club’s coffers, but also for a question of image.

On the player’s side, the position also remains the same. The person concerned has not spoken since he returned to Paris, but his clan assures that he is still determined to leave. The Olympic champion wants to turn the page on Paris after two seasons marked by a few national titles won, but also many setbacks, personal problems and repeated injuries. Will he win his case? The question remains open. On this subject, his team-mate Marco Verratti took the liberty of giving his opinion by saying that it is never good to hold a player against his will.

Until his case is settled, Neymar continues to train and prepare as normally as possible for the upcoming season. Although he has not yet played a single preparatory match, the Brazilian is perfecting his physical condition with great seriousness and professionalism. An attitude praised in particular by his coach Thomas Tuchel, who still considers him, and rightly so, as a player in his squad from the start.

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