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Real Madrid: Hazard picked his number

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According to the Spanish Newspaper Marca, Eden Hazard chose his jersey number to play with the Real Madrid, which he joined a few weeks ago as a recruit. The Belgian striker should give up the N°10 that is currently worn by Luka Modric, but also the mythical n°7 that is worn by Mariano Diaz.

Mariano Diaz wouldn’t want to give up on the N°7

According to Marca, the Belgian would have decided. He will not wear the number 10 that followed him to Chelsea since Luka Modric is already wearing it. According to the daily newspaper, it should also not be the mythical number 7 of the Kopa, Amancio, Juanito, Raul or Cristiano Ronaldo. Mariano Diaz is currently wearing it and does not intend to give it up or leave the club despite a rather anonymous season.

23 such as Beckham, Jordan and LeBron

Hazard would have finally set his sights on the 23. It was also a mythical jersey number at Real Madrid, as it was the one David Beckham wore when he was playing for the White House. Marca also explains that this choice could be guided by Hazard‘s great love for the American Basketball and NBA, where the number 23 is associated with the mythical Michael Jordan or LeBron James. The N°23 has another advantage for Hazard, that of being free since the departure of Sergio Reguilon to Sevilla FC.