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President about possible transfer

This is why Bayern didn’t want Ronaldo this summer

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Uli Hoeness, Bayern Munich’s president, talked about their idea of launching an offer for Cristiano Ronaldo earlier this year, but his transfer value, as well as his age, made the Bundesliga title holders think again.

As we all know, the Portuguese legend signed Serie A giants Juventus for a ridiculous €112 million fee, leaving Madrid after spending nine years of his career with Los Blancos.

Nevertheless, Mr. Hoeness insisted that if they had a real chance of getting him, then the player’s age would have prevented the transfer from happening, saying that at 33, a transfer for the forward wouldn’t have been viable.

“We would have paid that amount for him with our eyes closed if he was 24 years old but he’s 33,” the chairman said for German publication Bild.

On the other side, Ronaldo actually proved that age is just a number, as he has a spectacular season at Juventus so far, scoring 11 goals and providing six assists in 18 appearances for the Bianconery club. Besides this, his form contributed to his side’s unbeaten run, consisting of 14 league games and managing to hold an eight-point lead on Napoli, who are currently second in Serie A.

Therefore, it’s easy to say that Bayern Munich didn’t actually take the best decision this summer. Besides, not attempting to sign Ronaldo could even prove costly for the Bundesliga champions, as they are now struggling to match their form from last season.

As for Ronaldo, he already managed to make a great impression at the club and he seems to be ready for a new era, one in which he will once again prove that he is one of the best players this game has ever seen. And Juventus are most likely delighted with their decision.

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