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Top 10 most powerful shots in football history (videos)

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If you often get shot in your head, it is better not to stay around these players. Indeed, their super-powerful hits, spinning the ball at the speed of light, have the power to knock you out in a fraction of a second! Those are the top 10 most powerful shots in the history of football!

10. Zlatan IbrahimovicPSG – 125 Km/h – 2016

During a game against the Belgium club of RSC Anderlecht, Zlatan Ibrahimovic scores 4 of the 5 goals scored by the Paris Saint-Germain (5-0). This shot comes out of nowhere and is direct, brutal and unexpected. The speed is measured at 125 km/h

9. David Beckham – Manchester United – 129.5 Km/h – 1996

It is one of the matches that made David Beckham a legend. The young Englishman is only 21 years old and playing for Manchester United, he managed to strike a powerful shot from outside the box reaching the speed of 129.5 km/h directly into the net.

8. Hami Mandirali – Schalke 04 – 131 Km/h – 1998

For a long time, there was a legend around this goal score by the Turkish player Hami Mandırali playing for FC Schalke 04 or “Rocket Man” and this shot was first declared at 266Km/h and as being the most powerful of the world! It seemed suspicious to many people as it was a bit too crazy. At this speed you couldn’t even follow it with your eyes, the speed was recently recalculated and a new result was announced: 131km/h!

7. Obafemi Martins – Newcastle – 135.1 Km/h – 2007

In 2007, Newcastle United is playing against Tottenham and the Nigerian player Obafemi Martins isn’t only a skilled forward in terms of dribbling, but he was also a crack in terms of shooting with incredible strength. This shot against Tottenham was recorded at 135.1 Km/h.

6. Roberto Carlos – Brazil – 138 Km/h – 1997

This free-kick is considered one of the best of all time, its curve and power just seem unrealistic. The Brazilian Roberto Carlos is considered one of the best free-kick takers of all time, and he proves it with this shot against France. French Goalkeeper Fabien Barthez just standstill as he can’t do anything.

5. David Trezeguet – AS Monaco – 154.4 Km/h – 1998

As he is only 20 years old, a young David Trezeguet is playing for AS Monaco. The young Frenchman shot an incredible shot in the heart of Old Trafford against Manchester United during the quarter-finals of the Champions League 1998. The shot was recorded at 154.4 km/h.

4. Tony Yeboah – Leeds – 154 Km/h – 1995

Tony Yeboah is a Premier League legends with Leeds United. In 1995 after an amazing air ball control and fine dribbling he strikes the ball with such force that the ball flies directly into the top goal bar and finishes in the net. It’s considered by many as one of the best Premier League goals ever!

3. Steven Reid – Blackburn – 189 Km/h – 2005

Playing against Wigan Rocket, Steven Reid has a perfect position and a clear angle to shoot from 20 meters. He arms his feet and strikes a shot almost impossible to follow with the eyes that were measured at 189 km/h

2. Arjen Robben – Real Madrid – 190 Km/h – 2009

In 2009, during a friendly game between Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund, The Dutchman, who then was playing for Real Madrid, shots an incredible volley reaching 190km/h.

1. Ronny Heberson – Sporting Lisbon – 210.8 Km/h – 2006

Ronny Heberson still possesses the record for the most powerful shot in the history of professional football. The Brazilain midfielder fired a free-kick for his team of Sporting Lisbon in 2006. The free-kick is shot from a distance of 16.5 meters and reaches the net in 0,28 seconds making it the fastest shot ever with an outstanding speed of 210.8 km/h