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What’s going on with Nabil Fekir?

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Nabil Fekir’s move to Liverpool was almost a certainty this summer, as he was viewed as the perfect player to replace Philippe Coutinho. There were some rumors about his doing his official photoshoot, as well as an interview with LFCTV, but the deal was eventually canceled, as the Reds were concerned about his knee injuries, a problem he’s been dealing with for too long.

Despite winning the World Cup with France this summer, it appears that he somehow transformed – in a negative way – as he’s far from doing a great job once again in Ligue 1, according to a report from French newspaper L’Equipe.

Apparently, Lyon are considering selling Fekir in January, as they are not content at all with his recent performances. The board is also concerned that he no longer inspires the rest of the team as captain in the same way that he used to last season.

Nabil Fekir scored just two goals and provided two assists so far this season, in 10 league games. As a comparison, he netted it 18 times and provided seven assists in 30 games, in the 2017/18 League 1 season.

As for Liverpool, they seem to be doing fine without him, currently standing second in the Premier League, with Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah being a formidable offensive force. So we really doubt that they regret not taking Nabil Fekir on Anfield this summer.

Fans say that the player is still struggling to get over the disappointment, but if he continues this way, the 2017/18 Ligue 1 season will remain the peak of his career. And it would be a real shame for such a gifted player to remain at his current level. On the other side, it could be just a phase he’s going through, like a lot of great players do sometimes.

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