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Zinedine Zidane: Hazard, Pogba, Bale, departures and arrivals in Real Madrid

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To build a team with the ability to win the Champions League next year, Zinedine Zidane seems ready to turn things around in terms of both arrivals and departures in the group.

In anticipation of the summer’s transferts period, the 98 World Champion seems to be busy making things happen at Real Madrid.

An update on the possible departures of Bale, Isco, Kroos and Marcelo.

According to the l’Equipe‘s report Zidane seems to be thinking of separating from number 11 Gareth Bale, whom he would like to see leaving during the summer transfert window. At a press conference, to explain his absence from the last two games, the coach said “A message? What I did this weekend is very clear. I don’t know, we’ll see next week. He’s physically fine. “Bale is under contract until 2022 but would be pushed by the coach to accept the transfer proposals that will be made to him. His agent Jonathan Barnett said, “I’m not sure Zidane wants him to stay, but today Gareth wants to stay.”

According to the Daily Mail, Serious talks between Madrid and Tottenham about the return of Gareth Bale to London on loan. Would be extremely interesting, especially since expectations will even be higher than when he arrived in Madrid. The Hotspurs have been offered a deal to re-sign Gareth Bale on loan from Real Madrid for £10million.

On the case of Isco, his name would be in the heads in Italy for Juventus managers, Andrea Pirlo would like to see the club’s leaders take an interest in the case of the Spanish international. He also told SKY “Allegri has been thinking about the team’s future for several months, and the midfield is the area to improve, Isco, that’s what I think we need.”

About the German Kroos, having had a rather poor season, he seems to be wondering about the future of his career, even if it seems that Zidane is very attached to his two midfielders, Isco and Modric.

Zidane recently gave an update on the case of the Brazilian Marcelo, if he could have followed the footsteps of CR7 for a transfer to Juv, since Zidane took over the reins last March this subject is no longer relevant. According to Marca‘s report, ZZ has reaffirmed its commitment to keep the Brazilian in the group next year “If I am satisfied with Marcelo? Yes, he is part of the team, he is an important player and it is clear that I want to find back the best of Marcelo and little by little we will get there”.

Several players would also be invited to go elsewhere, not being at the level of the capital club’s expectations, so Dani Cabellos, Marcos Llorente, Jesus Vallejo and Mariano Diaz would potentially be forced to leave the club.

About Newcomers

Eden Hazard has been announced for several weeks at Real, following the draw between Leicester and Chelsea, the left winger said he would have already made his decision and should indeed leave Chelsea this summer at the end of his contract.

I have made my decision about my future. Yes, I have made my decision about my future, but it is not up to me alone. I wish it could have been fixed before, but it’s not. I’m still waiting, like you, like the fans. Did I announce my decision to the club? Yes, a few weeks ago. Does the qualification for the next Champions League change anything? No. (…) I don’t think about that, about my situation or that of the club when I’m on the field. I’m just trying to be the best”. His transfer should cost around €100 million.

About world champion Paul Pogba, Zidane is quoted as saying, “I really like the player, it’s nothing new. I know him personally, he’s a really different player. Few players contribute as much as he does.  There are midfielders who know how to defend, others who know how to attack, attackers who know how to defend… Well, he knows how to do all of it.

Under contract with Manchester United until 2021, the club indicated that it would not be a seller but can it really hold the player against his will? According to the Telegraph the club would not separate from the midfielder for less than 160 million euros. The midfielder is said to have said that he would be “a dream” when he mentioned Real Madrid, especially since the Reds Devils will not be competing in the next Champions League. Only Pogba’s agent, Mino Raiola, is suspended by FIFA and will not be able to exercise until 9 August, the deadline for the transfert season being 8 August. Could this jeopardize the transfer of French?

Serbian Luka Jovich, who has had an incredible season for Eintracht Frankfurt, would also be in Real’s sights to supplement Benzema: The German club would ask for 70 million euros to let go of its number 8, knowing that the German club’s interests for Mariano Diaz could play a major role in the equation.

Real Madrid emissaries recently travelled to Lyon to discuss the case of Ferland Mendy, who may supplement Marcelo as a left-back.  Purchased for €5 million in Le Havre, Jean-Michel Aulas would expect at least €45 million for his transfer

Rumours about Neymar have been growing in recent weeks. The Brazilian, who was linked to PSG until 2022, barely made it back to the pitch after an injury that he was suspended after a bad move on a supporter. A situation that would be very unpleasant for him and that adds to the disillusion of the Champions League. The president of the Brazilian club Santos (Neymar’s first club) recently said, “Seeing him at Real would be something special. I hope that this will be the case. It would be the best place for Neymar. He must think about it carefully and, if he has the opportunity to wear the Real Madrid jersey, he must not hesitate. He made a complete mistake when he left Barcelona.Dani Alves, for his part, recalled that the Brazilian is under contract until 2022 and that it is important to keep his commitments.

This transfert season promises to be interesting !