Aleksandr Svirski

Having been born in 1999, on February 28, Aleksandr Svirski's age of 20 makes him junior to the average player of FC BATE Borisov. Until now, Aleksandr Svirski has not been present in a game. These days, his team FC BATE Borisov comes first place in Vysshaya Liga (Belarus) plus second place in group L of UEFA Europa League. Prior to joining FC BATE Borisov, he played for Belarus. In terms of winning, Aleksandr Svirski's team was able to do so in 70% of Vysshaya Liga's and in 50% of UEFA Europa League's matches. Besides Aleksandr Svirski, there are three more goalkeepers in FC BATE Borisov's lot: Aleksei Chernykh, Anton Chichkan and Denis Shcherbitski. He received the jersey number 28 at FC BATE Borisov.

(Last edited May 11, 2019)

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