Andrew Tarbell


  • matches played 43
  • goals 0
  • assists 0
  • Last appearance (days ago) 22

Andrew Tarbell is a male goalkeeper from United States of America, who has been playing for San Jose Earthquakes in United States of America since January 14, 2016. The club of Andrew Tarbell, San Jose Earthquakes, presently holds tenth position in Desert Diamond Cup (United States of America) and twelfth position in group Western Conference of Major League Soccer (United States of America). Having been born in 1993, on October 07, his age of 25 makes him junior to the average player of San Jose Earthquakes.

He was used in 29 of the matches in the present term. Measuring 190cm, San Jose Earthquakes's average player height surpasses Andrew Tarbell by 11cm. At San Jose Earthquakes, he is the owner of jersey number 28. Before joining San Jose Earthquakes, he was not engaged in the squad of another professional team. Andrew Tarbell weighs 87kg which is 12kg more than his team's average heftiness. From his professional start until now, he has performed in 42 matches in total and hindermost appeared 194 days ago.

Sadly, he scored one own goal in his career. This happened with San Jose Earthquakes in US Open Cup 2017 (United States of America). In terms of winning, Andrew Tarbell's team was able to do so in none of Desert Diamond Cup's and in only 10% of Major League Soccer's matches. Throughout his time as professional football player, he was sanctioned with a card only once resulting in a mean value of 0.25 cards per play time. This season he was given just one yellow card. Besides Andrew Tarbell, there are three more goalkeepers in San Jose Earthquakes's lot: Matt Bersano, Daniel Vega and JT Marcinkowski. He impressed in Major League Soccer 2018 (United States of America), reaching his personal record of match appearances.

(Last edited May 11, 2019)