Bagner Delgado

Bagner Delgado is six years younger than than his team's average age, as he was born on 20.11.1995. Until now, Bagner Delgado has not been present in a game. Back in 2019, Spanish midfielder Bagner Delgado's contract with Mushuc Runa SC (Ecuador), the club he is still a member of, took effect. He is currently first in Serie B (Ecuador) with his team Mushuc Runa SC. He managed to attract a lot of good feedback after his performance at CD America de Quito, the team he was subjected to before joining Mushuc Runa SC.

In terms of winning, Bagner Delgado's team was able to do so in 70% of Serie B's matches. The briefest time his spent on a team counts merely 31 days in CD America de Quito (Ecuador). He completes Mushuc Runa SC's intermediate department, alongside players like Alexis Santacruz, Dario Bone, Koob Hurtado, Fernando Fajardo, Gregory Ortiz, Cristian Pandi, Adonis Preciado, Jose Ramirez Arce, Luis Ojeda, Luis Estupinan, Edwin Mendez, Horacio Orzan and Daniel Samaniego. Bagner Delgado's longest stay in a team counts 2 months in his current club. He wears the number 27 strip at Mushuc Runa SC.

(Last edited April 15, 2019)

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