Brian Nicolas Ruiz

With a height of 1.86m, Brian Nicolas Ruiz exceeds CA Tigre's mean tallness by 7. Brian Nicolas Ruiz had no match appearances this season. These days, his team CA Tigre comes ninth place in Superliga (Argentina). Having been born in 1998, on May 02, his age of 21 makes him junior to the average player of CA Tigre. In January 2018, Spanish defender Brian Nicolas Ruiz joined CA Tigre (Argentina), whom he is still playing for. Concerning the latest matches, his club won in Superliga.

CA Tigre's jersey number 13 is Brian Nicolas Ruiz. As an expert, he has been subjected to a single team (CA Tigre). Besides Brian Nicolas Ruiz, there are eight more defenders in CA Tigre's lot: Ignacio Canuto, Laureano Nutz, Alexis Niz, Matias Perez Acuna, Nestor Moiraghi, Diego Sosa, Lucas Rodriguez and Gerardo Alcoba. Weighing 191.8lb, he measures 26lb more than the average player on CA Tigre.

(Last edited May 14, 2019)

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