• matches played 148
  • goals 8
  • assists 4
  • Last appearance (days ago) 15

The club of Douglas, EC Bahia BA, presently holds second position in Baiano (Brazil) and eleventh position in Brasileiro Serie A (Brazil). Douglas played 28 matches this season. Portuguese midfielder Douglas, who is currently under contract to EC Bahia BA in Brazil, joined the club July 19, 2018. 31% of EC Bahia BA's football players are left footers and so is Douglas. Having been born in 1997, on January 13, his age of 22 makes him junior to the average player of EC Bahia BA.

He stands 175cm high and thus is 5cm smaller than his team on average. The current Brasileiro Serie A 2018 (Brazil) term proves to be good for Douglas, as he managed to score once (0.04 per match) and provide an assist once. Basically, 2.6% of EC Bahia BA's goals in Brasileiro Serie A 2018 were caused by him. Ever since Douglas became a professional, he has been committed to overall three clubs. He wears the jerses number 18 strip at EC Bahia BA.

In terms of top seasons, the Brasileiro Serie A 2016 (Brazil) was his best one yet, breaking two personal records in terms of not only goals but also appearances. In terms of winning, Douglas' team was able to do so in 67% of Baiano's and in 50% of Brasileiro Serie A's matches. To date, collectively he holds 29 penalties. Lately, he seems to be more quiet since less penalties were given to him than usually. He completes EC Bahia BA's intermediate department, alongside players like Lepu, Shaylon, Marco Antonio, Luis Fernando, Max, Felipinho, Gregore, Elton, Yuri, Fernando Medeiros, Flavio, Nilton, Caique and Ramires.

Douglas' shortest stay in a club has been eleven months in his present-day squad. Just six days ago he played his latest match. Three years and a day was the maximum period he ever played in a team, which is Fluminense FC RJ (Brazil). Douglas also plays for SC Corinthians SP. Before joining EC Bahia BA, he was engaged in the squads of Fluminense FC RJ and SC Corinthians SP. At 169.75lb, he carries 4lb more than the average EC Bahia BA player. On the whole, Douglas joined the pitch eleven times and left it 24 times after the start of the match. In the present term, he played less games until end.

(Last edited May 12, 2019)