Efkan Bekiroglu


  • matches played 170
  • goals 44
  • assists 3
  • Last appearance (days ago) 3

Since Efkan Bekiroglu came into world in 1995, to be more precise September 14th, the midfielder is NaN years younger than 1860 Munich's average player. With a height of 1.85m, Efkan Bekiroglu exceeds 1860 Munich's mean tallness by 2. The German midfielder Efkan Bekiroglu joined his current team, 1860 Munich (Germany), in July 2018. In 3rd Liga (Germany), 1860 Munich is in twelfth position. He is a right footer just as 41% of 1860 Munich. Until now, Efkan Bekiroglu has been present in 26 games.

To date, collectively he holds twelve penalties. Lately, he seems to be more quiet since less penalties were given to him than usually. So far this season, he lost 70% of 1860 Munich's matches in 3rd Liga. Unfortunately they lost the entire set of their latest fixtures. Throughout his professional career, Efkan Bekiroglu participated in 111 games, the last appearance being ten days ago. At 1860 Munich, he is the owner of jersey number 20. He is enjoying a great 3rd Liga 18/19 (Germany) season so far, netting three times (6.7% of his team's sum) and initializing one goals. This leads to roughly 0.04 assists and 0.12 scores per match in the resent season. One could say he translated to a slighlty diminished form compared to last year yielding a per-match-quota of 0.33 goals and 0 assists.

Efkan Bekiroglu impressed in Regionalliga Bavaria 17/18 (Germany), reaching his personal record of goals. His longest stay in a team counts two years and 11 months in FC Augsburg (Germany). He was contracted to a few clubs during his professional career, one of them being FC Augsburg, for whom he played before coming to Germany. On the whole, Efkan Bekiroglu joined the pitch 26 times and left it 46 times after the start of the match. In the present term, he played less games until end.

Apart from Efkan Bekiroglu, Alessandro Abruscia, Dennis Dressel, Quirin Moll, Kristian Bohnlein, Daniel Wein, Romuald Lacazette and Aaron Berzel are also midfielders of 1860 Munich. Since turning professional, there wasn't a single season in which he wasn't able to score at least a goal. His shortest stay in a club has been ten months in his present-day squad.

(Last edited May 8, 2019)