Evangelos Nousios


  • matches played 5
  • goals 1
  • assists 0
  • Last appearance (days ago) 108

In July 2018, Greek, Modern (1453-) forward Evangelos Nousios joined Larissa (Greece), whom he is still playing for. Until now, Evangelos Nousios has been present in four games. In Super League (Greece), Larissa is in tenth position and in Greece Cup (Greece) of group Gr. 8 they are in second place. Born on July 6, 1998, his age of 20 underlies his team's mean. Before joining Larissa, Evangelos Nousios was not engaged in the squad of another professional team. He reached the four appearances milestone as a professionl, the last one being 22 days ago.

Not a single penalty was given to him yet. Altogether, Evangelos Nousios was substituted in 2 and out 2 times. Currently, he left the pit as often as he entered it which holds true for last season as well. He is playing as forward in Larissa together with Nikola Jakimovski, Marko Nunic, Radomir Milosavljevic, Petar Kunic, Evgeniy Shikavka, Milos Deletic, Gertin Hoxhalli, Fatjon Antoni and Dimitris Pinakas. His squad concluded in a tie in 40% (40% home) in Super League and won 67% (100% home) in Greece Cup. The highest win streak of the last 5 matches happened in Super League with a count of 2. Larissa's jersey number 24 is Evangelos Nousios.

(Last edited May 13, 2019)

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