Gabriel Dubois


  • matches played 9
  • goals 1
  • assists 0
  • Last appearance (days ago) 70

The 23-year-old Gabriel Dubois was born on March 4, 1996 and is therefore NaN years younger than his team's average age. Gabriel Dubois had four match appearances this season. In February 2019, French defender Gabriel Dubois joined FK Senica (Slovakia), whom he is still playing for. The club of Gabriel Dubois, FK Senica, presently holds third position in Superliga (Slovakia). He is a right footer just as 81% of FK Senica. While being substituted more in than out this season, the contrary occured the year before.

FK Senica has seven more defenders in their squad, namely Patrick Asmah, Erik Otrisal, Roberto Dias, Joan Jaramillo, Kay, Marko Tesija and Lukas Kucera. From his professional start until now, Gabriel Dubois has performed in eight matches in total and hindermost appeared 13 days ago. He received five penalties throughout his entire career (of which 4 where yellow). In the current playtime, he caught 3 yellow and 1 red cards. His longest stay in a team counts three years and 11 months in Ol. Marseille (France).

Gabriel Dubois' shortest spell with a club currently counts three months in his latest side. His jersey displays the number 6. He managed to attract a lot of good feedback after his performance at GS Consolat Marseille, the team he was subjected to before joining FK Senica. So far this season, Gabriel Dubois won 71% of FK Senica's matches in Superliga. They also managed to win 5 fixtures in a row.

(Last edited May 11, 2019)

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