Georgios Efrem


  • matches played 319
  • goals 71
  • assists 5
  • Last appearance (days ago) 83

Until now, Georgios Efrem has been present in 29 games. The club of Georgios Efrem, Apoel Nicosia FC, presently holds first position in group Championship group of 1st Division (Cyprus). Standing 1.7 meter high, he is tinier, when looking at the average height in his team. The 29-year-old footballer was born on July 5, 1989 and is therefore NaN years younger than his team's average age. In July 2014, Greek, Modern (1453-) midfielder Georgios Efrem joined Apoel Nicosia FC (Cyprus), whom he is still playing for.

He prefers to play with any of his feet, as do 11% of his teammates. Before joining Apoel Nicosia FC, he impressed at Arsenal FC Reserve, AC Omonia Nicosia and Dundee United. Concerning the latest matches, Georgios Efrem's club tied in 1st Division. So far in his career as football player, he was part of four clubs. His longest stay in a team counts four years and 11 months in AC Omonia Nicosia (Cyprus). Further, Georgios Efrem also operates for Cyprus.

His shortest stay in a club was four months in Dundee United (United Kingdom). Already 39 times a card was given to him in his tenure. Considering he weighs only 143.3lb, Georgios Efrem is approximately 19lb lighter than the average player of Apoel Nicosia FC. His best season was 1st Division 15/16 (Cyprus), because in this year he had his highest success in terms of goals. Obviously, he had a couple of bad seasons as well. In 1st Division 11/12 he had difficulties with multiple penalties.

Besides Georgios Efrem, there are nine more midfielders in Apoel Nicosia FC's lot: Andreas Artemiou, Lucas Souza, Kostakis Artymatas, Juan Bautista Cascini, Antonio Jakolis, Savvas Gentsoglou, Moussa Al-Taamari, Tomas de Vincenti and Nuno Morais. While being substituted more in than out this season, we can observe that this trend came from last season. However, he shows 122 out and 86 in substitutions in total. He is enjoying a great 1st Division 18/19 (Cyprus) season so far, netting twice (1.7% of his team's sum) and initializing no goals. This leads to roughly 0.07 scores per match in the resent season. One could say he translated to a slighlty diminished form compared to last year yielding a per-match-quota of 0.5 goals and 0 assists. Georgios Efrem played 293 matches in total and hindermost appeared 23 days ago. On average, he has participated in 7.7 matches per season. He received the jersey number 7 at Apoel Nicosia FC.

(Last edited May 10, 2019)