Jadon Sancho


  • matches played 114
  • goals 44
  • assists 40
  • Last appearance (days ago) 18

Jadon Sancho played five matches this season. 58% of Borussia Dortmund II's football players are right footers and so is Jadon Sancho. With a height of 1.8m, he undercuts Borussia Dortmund II's mean tallness by 3. Jadon Sancho is a male midfielder from United Kingdom, who has been playing for Borussia Dortmund II in Germany since August 31, 2017. Since he came into world in 2000, to be more precise March 25th, the midfielder is three years younger than Borussia Dortmund II's average player. He impressed in Bundesliga 18/19 (Germany), playing most matches and both reaching his personal record of assisted and shot goalsreaching his personal record of goalsassistsmatch appearances.

Weighing 167.55lb, Jadon Sancho measures 2lb less than the average player on Borussia Dortmund II. From his professional start until now, he has performed in 79 matches in total and hindermost appeared four days ago. To date, collectively he holds four penalties. Lately, he seems to be more quiet since less penalties were given to him than usually. Two years and 35 days was the maximum period Jadon Sancho ever played in a team, which is his latest one. While being substituted more out than in this season, the contrary occured the year before. However, he shows 23 out and 23 in substitutions in total.

The briefest time his spent on a team counts nine months in his present club. Borussia Dortmund II has 13 more midfielders in their squad, namely Marco Hober, Taylan Duman, Tobias Raschl, Massimo Ornatelli, Jano Baxmann, Steve Tunga, Kolbeinn Birgir Finnsson, Abdelmajid Bouali, Julian Schwermann, Denzeil Boadu, Jose Maria Relucio, Chris Fuhrich and Dominik Wanner. Besides Borussia Dortmund II, Jadon Sancho is at United Kingdom's command, too. He played for two other professional teams. He played for Manchester City before ending up in Borussia Dortmund II.

(Last edited September 5, 2019)