Jimmy Hague

At present, FC Cincinnati is in United Soccer League (United States of America) (group Eastern C.) they are leading. Born on August 28, 1996, Jimmy Hague's age of 22 underlies his team's mean. In January 2019, English goalkeeper Jimmy Hague joined FC Cincinnati (United States of America), whom he is still playing for. So far in the 2018/2019 season, he did not compete in any fixtures. He stands 193cm high and thus is 10cm taller than his team on average.

Jimmy Hague plays with the jersey number 13. His squad won 80% (100% home) in United Soccer League. The highest win streak of the last 5 matches counts 3. Before joining FC Cincinnati, he was not engaged in the squad of another professional team. Besides Jimmy Hague, there are two more goalkeepers in FC Cincinnati's lot: Przemyslaw Tyton and Spencer Richey.

(Last edited May 15, 2019)