Joao Pedro

In January 2018, Portuguese goalkeeper Joao Pedro joined Vasco Da Gama RJ (Brazil), whom he is still playing for. Measuring 188cm, Vasco Da Gama RJ's average player height surpasses Joao Pedro by 8cm. In terms of preferred feet, he is a right footer, like 68% of Vasco Da Gama RJ. He is currently first in group Gr. B of Carioca (Brazil), third in group E of Copa Libertadores and 16th in Brasileiro Serie A (Brazil) with his team Vasco Da Gama RJ.

So far in the 2018/2019 season, Joao Pedro did not compete in any fixtures. He is NaN years younger than than his team's average age, as he was born on 28.01.1998. One year and 4 months was the maximum period he ever played in a team, which is his latest one. At Vasco Da Gama RJ, Joao Pedro is the owner of jersey number 46. Weighing 185.19lb, he measures 22lb more than the average player on Vasco Da Gama RJ.

He completes Vasco Da Gama RJ's goal department, alongside players like Sidney Aparecido Ramos da Silva, Alexander, Fernando Miguel and Gabriel Felix. Before joining Vasco Da Gama RJ, Joao Pedro impressed at Vasco Da Gama RJ is the first professional club in Joao Pedro's career, as he did not play for another team at this level before. Concerning the latest matches, his club won in Carioca, tied in Copa Libertadores plus tied in Brasileiro Serie A. His shortest stay in a club has been five months in his present-day squad.

(Last edited May 9, 2019)