Jose Sand

Spanish forward Jose Sand, who is currently under contract to Atletico Lanus in Argentina, joined the club January 1, 2019. The club of Jose Sand, Atletico Lanus, presently holds eleventh position in Superliga (Argentina). He prefers to play with his right foot, as do 89% of his teammates. He had 48 match appearances this season. Measuring 182cm, Atletico Lanus'' average player height surpasses Jose Sand by 3cm. Having been born in 1980, on July 17, his age of 38 makes him junior to the average player of Atletico Lanus.

He received 35 penalties throughout his entire career (of which 34 where yellow). This leads to an average of 1.67 cards per season. In the current playtime, he caught 10 yellow cards. Jose Sand played 210 matches in total and hindermost appeared 39 days ago. On average, he has participated in 10 matches per season. On the whole, he joined the pitch 27 times and left it 66 times after the start of the match. In the present term, he played less games until end.

His record stay with a club is his current one with two years and 32 days. Four months has been the stubbiest period that Jose Sand was contracted to a team (the current one) At Atletico Lanus, he is the owner of jersey number 9. Apart from Jose Sand, Lautaro Acosta, Pedro De La Vega, Junior Mendieta, Jose Luis Sinisterra, Lautaro Valenti, Sebastian Ribas, Marcelino Moreno, Joel Martinez and Pablo Martinez are also forwards of Atletico Lanus. He played for AD Cali, Racing Club Avellaneda, CA Banfield, CA Tigre, AL Ain FC, Vitoria ES, Defensores de Belgrano, CA River Plate (Arg), RC Deportivo La Coruna, Colon de Santa Fe, CA Aldosivi, Independiente Rivadavia, Xolos de Tijuana and Argentinos Jrs before ending up in Atletico Lanus.

He is enjoying a great Superliga 18/19 (Argentina) season so far, netting 22 times (25.9% of his team's sum) and initializing four goals. This leads to roughly 0.08 assists and 0.46 scores per match in the resent season. One could say he translated to a slighlty diminished form compared to last year yielding a per-match-quota of 0.71 goals and 0.1 assists. Jose Sand's squad won 60% (80% home) in Superliga. The highest win streak of the last 5 matches counts 2. Weighing 174.16lb, he measures 7lb more than the average player on Atletico Lanus. His best season was Primera Division 2015 (Argentina), because in this year he had his highest success in terms of but forward passes and match presence.

(Last edited May 10, 2019)