Julian Chicco


  • matches played 28
  • goals 2
  • assists 0
  • Last appearance (days ago) 188

Julian Chicco stands 186cm high and thus is 7cm taller than his team on average. Julian Chicco is currently second in group H of Copa Libertadores and third in Superliga (Argentina) with his team Boca Juniors. He prefers to play with his right foot, as do 86% of his teammates. Julian Chicco is a male midfielder from Argentina, who has been playing for Boca Juniors in Argentina since July 1, 2017. He was used in five of the matches in the present term.

He is NaN years younger than than his team's average age, as he was born on 13.01.1998. It's been 31 days since Julian Chicco played his latest match. The Superliga 18/19 season was quite difficult for Julian Chicco, as he ended up reaching his personal lows in terms of the number of received cardsthe small amount of shot goals,. He received four penalties throughout his entire career (all yellow). In the current playtime, he caught 2 yellow cards. So far this season, he won 33% in Copa Libertadores and won 70% of Boca Juniors'' matches in Superliga. They also managed to win 4 fixtures in a row in Superliga.

Prior to joining Boca Juniors, Julian Chicco played for Argentina. At Boca Juniors, he is the owner of jersey number 40. After an overall look at his career, we can see that he was substituted in three times but never out. In the active season, he came and left the park uniformly distributed in contrast to 2017/2018 wherein he experienced more fulltimes from the grass. The briefest time Julian Chicco's spent on a team counts 23 months in his present club.

His record stay with a club is his current one with one year and 10 months. He completes Boca Juniors'' intermediate department, alongside players like Aaron Molinas, Adrian Sanchez, Sebastian Villa, Cristian Pavon, Nicolas Capaldo, Emanuel Reynoso, Ivan Marcone, Agustin Almendra, Jorman Campuzano and Nahitan Nandez. Considering he weighs around 167.55lb, Julian Chicco is approximately 7lb lighter than the average player of Boca Juniors.

(Last edited May 8, 2019)