Karim Zedadka


  • matches played 5
  • goals 1
  • assists 0
  • Last appearance (days ago) 187

In UEFA Champions League, SSC Napoli is in third position and in Serie A (Italy) they are in second place. Karim Zedadka did not played any matches this season. The 18-year-old Karim Zedadka was born on June 9, 2000 and is therefore NaN years younger than his team's average age. With each day at SSC Napoli, he is extending his personal record stay with a club which counts 4 months for the time being. Karim Zedadka is a rare case, as he has been at one single team since he became a pro.

He is playing as midfielder in SSC Napoli together with Allan, Gianluca Gaetano, Fabian Ruiz, Amadou Diawara, Piotr Zielinski and Adam Ounas. Prior to joining SSC Napoli, he only played for semi-professional local teams. Karim Zedadka plays with the jersey number 3. His squad won 33% (67% home) in UEFA Champions League and won 60% (40% home) in Serie A. The highest win streak of the last 5 matches happened in Serie A with a count of 4. The briefest time his spent on a team counts four months in his present club. Not a single penalty was given to Karim Zedadka yet.

(Last edited May 15, 2019)