Maxime Etuin


  • matches played 38
  • goals 0
  • assists 1
  • Last appearance (days ago) 163

Maxime Etuin is currently fifth in Ligue 2 (France) with his team FC Lorient. Born on August 15, 1995, Maxime Etuin's age of 23 underlies his team's mean. He stands 174cm high and thus is 7cm smaller than his team on average. Until now, he has been present in 28 games. Maxime Etuin impressed in Ligue 2 18/19 (France), reaching his personal record of match appearances. He completes FC Lorient's intermediate department, alongside players like Jonathan Delaplace, Mamadou Kamissoko, Mohamed Mara, Alexis Claude Maurice, Julien Ponceau, Jimmy Cabot, Jason Eyenga-Lokilo, Sidy Sarr, Tristan Boubaya, Fabien Lemoine and Franklin Wadja.

As an expert, he has been subjected to a single team (FC Lorient). On the whole, Maxime Etuin joined the pitch eight times and left it 14 times after the start of the match. In the present term, he played less games until end. He reached the 34 appearances milestone as a professionl, the last one being just a few days ago. Concerning the latest matches, his club lost in Ligue 2. Maxime Etuin received three penalties throughout his entire career (all yellow). In the current playtime, he caught 3 yellow cards. FC Lorient's jersey number 17 is Maxime Etuin.

(Last edited May 12, 2019)