Mikael Anderson


  • matches played 47
  • goals 13
  • assists 2
  • Last appearance (days ago) 79

Mikael Anderson is a male forward from Iceland, who has been playing for SBV Excelsior in Netherlands since July 2, 2018. Mikael Anderson is currently 17th in Eredivisie (Netherlands) with his team SBV Excelsior. Measuring 180cm, SBV Excelsior's average player height matches the one of Mikael Anderson. The 20-year-old footballer was born on July 1, 1998 and is therefore NaN years younger than his team's average age. He played 17 matches this season. At 152.12lb, Mikael Anderson carries 15lb less than the average SBV Excelsior player.

He is enjoying a great Eredivisie 18/19 (Netherlands) season so far, netting once (2.7% of his team's sum) and initializing one goals. This leads to roughly 0.06 assists and 0.06 scores per match in the resent season. One could say he translated to a slighlty diminished form compared to last year yielding a per-match-quota of 3.5 goals and 0 assists. He reached the 21 appearances milestone as a professionl, the last one being 15 days ago. Three years and 11 months was the maximum period Mikael Anderson ever played in a team, which is FC Midtjylland.

He played for three other professional teams. He impressed in 1st Division 17/18 (Denmark), reaching his personal record of goals. Besides SBV Excelsior, Mikael Anderson is at FC Midtjylland's command, too. The briefest time his spent on a team counts ten months in Vendsyssel FF (Denmark). His squad lost 80% (60% home) in Eredivisie. Therefore they have not won a single match recently but at least managed to end in a draw 1 times. Besides Mikael Anderson, there are six more forwards in SBV Excelsior's lot: Denis Mahmudov, Mounir El Hamdaoui, Elias Mar Omarsson, Dennis Eckert, Jinty Caenepeel and Carlito Fermina.

He received the jersey number 19 at SBV Excelsior. In his footballer career, a total of one cards were ascribed to Mikael Anderson. While thus obtaining an average of 0.2 cards per term, he has not even gotten any yet, for now. Before joining SBV Excelsior, he impressed at FC Midtjylland and Vendsyssel FF. Altogether, he was substituted in 12 and out 6 times. Currently, he entered the pit more than he left it which is different to last season wherein he showed an equal amount of both types of subs.

(Last edited May 11, 2019)