Nuno Tomas


  • matches played 44
  • goals 3
  • assists 2
  • Last appearance (days ago) 56

Born on September 15, 1995, Nuno Tomas' age of 23 underlies his team's mean. Nuno Tomas played ten matches this season. In First Professional League (Bulgaria), CSKA Sofia is in second position. Just 20% of CSKA Sofia's football players are left footers and so is Nuno Tomas. Nuno Tomas is a male defender from Portugal, who has been playing for CSKA Sofia in Bulgaria since February 28, 2019. He stands 184cm high and thus is 3cm taller than his team on average.

He completes CSKA Sofia's defensive department, alongside players like Steven Pereira, Angel Lyaskov, Bozidar Chorbadzhiyski, Nikolay Bodurov, Ivan Turitsov, Geferson, Emmanuel Imanishimwe, Stoycho Atanasov and Valentin Antov. The longest period that Nuno Tomas stayed in a team was three years and 11 months in CF Os Belenenses (Portugal) On the whole, he joined the pitch three times and left it one time after the start of the match. In the present term, he played less games from match start. He received seven penalties throughout his entire career (of which 6 where yellow). This play time, he has not caught any cards yet.

The contemporary term does not appear to be Nuno Tomas' best one yet, as he managed to neither score nor provide any assistsand at least provide an assist once (0.1 per match). Ever since Nuno Tomas became a professional, he has been committed to overall five clubs. He impressed in Primeira Liga 17/18 (Portugal), reaching his personal record of match appearances as well as goals. He wears the jerses number 24 strip at CSKA Sofia. Before joining CSKA Sofia, Nuno Tomas impressed at Sintrense, CF Os Belenenses, Electrico FC and Real Sporte.

Four months has been the stubbiest period that he was contracted to a team (the current one) Further, he also operates for CF Os Belenenses. So far this season, Nuno Tomas won 43% of CSKA Sofia's matches in First Professional League. They also managed to win 2 fixtures in a row. Throughout his professional career, he participated in 39 games, the last appearance being 24 days ago. At 185.19lb, he carries 28lb more than the average CSKA Sofia player.

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