Paulo Vinicius


  • matches played 271
  • goals 34
  • assists 1
  • Last appearance (days ago) 13

In Liga I (Romania), FC CFR 1907 Cluj is in first position. Measuring 186cm, FC CFR 1907 Cluj's average player height surpasses Paulo Vinicius by 4cm. The 34-year-old Paulo Vinicius was born on August 12, 1984 and is therefore NaN years younger than his team's average age. Back in 2017, Portuguese defender Paulo Vinicius'' contract with FC CFR 1907 Cluj (Romania), the club he is still a member of, took effect. He already played 36 matches this season. 64% of FC CFR 1907 Cluj's football players are right footers and so is Paulo Vinicius.

FC CFR 1907 Cluj has nine more defenders in their squad, namely Andrei Muresan, Rares Ispas, Andrei Peteleu, Cristian Manea, Camora, Adam Lang, Razvan Horj, Kevin Boli and Bogdan Milandru. He reached the 217 appearances milestone as a professionl, the last one being ten days ago. Paulo Vinicius received the jersey number 55 at FC CFR 1907 Cluj. Before joining FC CFR 1907 Cluj, he impressed at CE Operario Varzea-Grandense MT, SC Olhanense, Leixoes SC, Apollon Limassol FC, Boavista FC, CD Santa Clara, Anapolis GO, Sporting Braga and Uniao de Leiria.

After an overall look at his career, we can see that he was substituted in four times but never out. In the active season, he was taken out more often in contrast to 2017/2018 wherein both types of substitutions were balanced. Paulo Vinicius weighs 84kg which is 7kg more than his team's average heftiness. This season he scored two and assisted no goals which is 14.3% of all of FC CFR 1907 Cluj's goals in Liga I 18/19 (Romania). On average, he hit the net 0.06 times per match this season which is a worse performance than last year's. Back then 0.15 goals and 0 assists per match have been achieved.

In terms of top seasons, the 1st Division 16/17 (Cyprus) was his best one yet, breaking one personal record in terms of goals. To date, collectively Paulo Vinicius holds 29 penalties, of which one is red. Lately, he seems to be more quiet since less penalties were given to him than usually. He has three own goal in his CV, multiple of these being during a 1st Division 16/17 (Cyprus) match with Apollon Limassol FC. The longest period that he stayed in a team was two years and 11 months in Sporting Braga (Portugal) So far this season, Paulo Vinicius won 80% of FC CFR 1907 Cluj's matches in Liga I. They also managed to win 3 fixtures in a row. Five months was the stubbiest period that he was contracted to a team (CD Santa Clara from Portugal).

(Last edited May 10, 2019)