Rafael Franca

The 21-year-old Rafael Franca was born on March 17, 1998 and is therefore NaN years younger than his team's average age. The club of Rafael Franca, Vasco Da Gama RJ, presently holds first position in group Gr. B of Carioca (Brazil), third position in group E of Copa Libertadores and 16th position in Brasileiro Serie A (Brazil). He did not played any matches this season. With a height of 1.72m, he undercuts Vasco Da Gama RJ's mean tallness by 8.

In terms of preferred feet, Rafael Franca is a right footer, like 68% of Vasco Da Gama RJ. Portuguese defender Rafael Franca, who is currently under contract to Vasco Da Gama RJ in Brazil, joined the club January 1, 2018. Concerning the latest matches, his club won in Carioca, tied in Copa Libertadores plus tied in Brasileiro Serie A. Weighing 149.91lb, he measures 13lb less than the average player on Vasco Da Gama RJ. Rafael Franca's jersey displays the number 26. Apart from Rafael Franca, Claudio Winck, Rodrigo, Werley, Breno, Yago Pikachu, Ramon Motta, Luiz Gustavo, Ricardo Graca, Henrique Silva, Miranda, Danilo Barcelos, Kainandro, Raul Caceres, Henriquez, Leandro Castan and Bruno Silva are also defenders of Vasco Da Gama RJ. Prior to joining Vasco Da Gama RJ, he only played for semi-professional local teams.

(Last edited May 8, 2019)