Ramon ten Hove


  • matches played 7
  • goals 0
  • assists 0
  • Last appearance (days ago) 402

Until now, Ramon Ten Hove has been present in four games. Back in 2019, Flemish goalkeeper Ramon Ten Hove's contract with FC Dordrecht (Netherlands), the club he is still a member of, took effect. Having been born in 1998, on March 03, his age of 21 makes him contemporary with the average player of FC Dordrecht. With a height of 1.93m, he exceeds FC Dordrecht's mean tallness by 10. Eleven months has been the stubbiest period that Ramon Ten Hove was contracted to a team (the current one). Weighing 165.35lb, he measures 12lb more than the average player on FC Dordrecht.

FC Dordrecht has four more goalkeepers in their squad, namely Petar Stoskovic, Jordie Van Leeuwen, Ronald Vlot and Tyrese van der Jagt. Ramon Ten Hove changed one clubs throughout his career as professional. His longest stay in a team counts three years and 2 months in Feyenoord Rotterdam (Netherlands). He played four matches in total and hindermost appeared five days ago. In his footballer career, not a single card was ascribed to Ramon Ten Hove. He was contracted to a few clubs during his professional career, one of them being Feyenoord Rotterdam, for whom he played before coming to Netherlands. His jersey displays the number 21. Further, Ramon Ten Hove also operates for Feyenoord Rotterdam.

(Last edited September 5, 2019)