Ramon ten Hove

The club of Ramon ten Hove, Feyenoord Rotterdam, presently holds second position in Uhrencup and third position in Eredivisie (Netherlands). Since Ramon ten Hove came into world in 1998, to be more precise March 3rd, the goalkeeper is NaN years younger than Feyenoord Rotterdam's average player. He did not played any matches this season. Back in 2016, Flemish goalkeeper Ramon ten Hove's contract with Feyenoord Rotterdam (Netherlands), the club he is still a member of, took effect. Measuring 193cm, Feyenoord Rotterdam's average player height surpasses Ramon ten Hove by 11cm.

His shortest spell with a club currently counts 35 months in his latest side. Apart from Ramon ten Hove, Kenneth Vermeer, Elber Evora, Joris Delle and Justin Bijlow are also goalkeepers of Feyenoord Rotterdam. Before joining Feyenoord Rotterdam, he was not engaged in the squad of another professional team. At Feyenoord Rotterdam, he is the owner of jersey number 30. Two years and 11 months was the maximum period Ramon ten Hove ever played in a team, which is his latest one.

So far this season, he lost 50% in Uhrencup and won 50% of Feyenoord Rotterdam's matches in Eredivisie. They also managed to win 4 fixtures in a row in Eredivisie. Ever since Ramon ten Hove became a professional, he has been committed to exactly one club. He weighs 75kg which is 2kg more than his team's average heftiness.

(Last edited May 12, 2019)

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