Szilveszter Hangya


  • matches played 108
  • goals 7
  • assists 0
  • Last appearance (days ago) 121

Szilveszter Hangya played six matches this season. Standing 1.76 meter high, Szilveszter Hangya is tinier, when looking at the average height in his team. In terms of preferred feet, he is a left footer, like 35% of Videoton FC. These days, his team Videoton FC comes third place in group L of UEFA Europa League plus second place in NB I (Hungary). Since Szilveszter Hangya came into world in 1994, to be more precise January 2nd, the defender is NaN years younger than Videoton FC's average player.

Szilveszter Hangya is a male defender from Hungary, who has been playing for Videoton FC in Hungary since July 1, 2018. This season he scored one and assisted no goals. On average, he hit the net 0.17 times per match this season which is a better performance than last year's. Back then 0.03 goals and 0 assists per match have been achieved. He received the jersey number 65 at Videoton FC. Szilveszter Hangya's shortest spell with a club currently counts five months in his latest side.

After an overall look at his career, we can see that he was substituted in seven times but never out. In the active season, he came into the park more often in contrast to 2017/2018 wherein the contrary happened. Considering he weighs around 163.14lb, Szilveszter Hangya is approximately 6lb lighter than the average player of Videoton FC. Before joining Videoton FC, he was engaged in the squads of Dunaujvaros Palhalma Agrospecial SE and Hungary. His longest stay in a team counts three years and 5 months in his current club.

Throughout his professional career, Szilveszter Hangya participated in 94 games, the last appearance being 94 days ago. His best season was NB I 16/17 (Hungary), because in this year he had his highest success in terms of both match presence and goals. Concerning the latest matches, his club lost in UEFA Europa League plus won in NB I. Szilveszter Hangya received 18 penalties throughout his entire career (of which 17 where yellow). This leads to an average of 1.5 cards per season. This play time, he has not caught any cards yet. Besides Szilveszter Hangya, there are nine more defenders in Videoton FC's lot: Krisztian Tamas, Bence Toth, Attila Mocsi, Joan Campins, Paulo Vinicius, Loic Nego, Roland Juhasz, Stopira and Attila Fiola.

(Last edited May 14, 2019)