Thiago Neves


  • matches played 207
  • goals 52
  • assists 14
  • Last appearance (days ago) 85

Portuguese midfielder Thiago Neves, who is currently under contract to Cruzeiro MG in Brazil, joined the club January 5, 2017. Measuring 180cm, Cruzeiro MG's average player height matches the one of Thiago Neves. He already played 41 matches this season. The club of Thiago Neves, Cruzeiro MG, presently holds first position in Mineiro (Brazil), first position in group E of Copa Libertadores and eighth position in Brasileiro Serie A (Brazil). Since he came into world in 1985, to be more precise February 27th, the midfielder is NaN years younger than Cruzeiro MG's average player.

32% of Cruzeiro MG's football players are left footers and so is Thiago Neves. Just five days ago he played his latest match. His longest stay in a team counts four years and 9 months in Brazil (Brazil). Thiago Neves played for Fluminense FC RJ, AL Hilal, Flamengo RJ, Hamburger SV and AL Jazira (UAE) before ending up in Cruzeiro MG. The current Brasileiro Serie A 2018 (Brazil) term proves to be good for Thiago Neves, as he managed to score ten times (0.24 per match) and provide an assist not once. Basically, 8.8% of Cruzeiro MG's goals in Brasileiro Serie A 2018 were caused by him.

In terms of winning, his team was able to do so in 80% of Mineiro's, in 50% of Copa Libertadores'' and in 40% of Brasileiro Serie A's matches. He is playing as midfielder in Cruzeiro MG together with Jadson, Ariel Cabral, Lucas Romero, Henrique, Robinho, Lucas Silva, Rafinha, Marquinhos Gabriel and Rodriguinho. On the whole, Thiago Neves joined the pitch 28 times and left it 75 times after the start of the match. In the present term, he played less games until end.

He plays with the jersey number 10. He received 29 penalties throughout his entire career (of which 27 where yellow). This leads to an average of 1.45 cards per season. In the current playtime, he caught 8 yellow cards. Thiago Neves weighs 70kg which is 5kg less than his team's average heftiness. Brasileiro Serie A 2017 (Brazil) has been his best season so far since he played his most matches of a season and scored both his personal highest amount of goals and assists. The briefest time his spent on a team counts six months in Hamburger SV (Germany).

(Last edited May 10, 2019)