Tobias Pachonik


  • matches played 186
  • goals 4
  • assists 6
  • Last appearance (days ago) 38

Until now, Tobias Pachonik has been present in 32 games. Stunning 76% of Carpi FC's football players are right footers and so is Tobias Pachonik. Measuring 185cm, Carpi FC's average player height matches the one of Tobias Pachonik. German defender Tobias Pachonik, who is currently under contract to Carpi FC in Italy, joined the club August 4, 2017. He is NaN years younger than than his team's average age, as he was born on 04.01.1995. The club of Tobias Pachonik, Carpi FC, presently holds 19th position in Serie B (Italy).

He received twelve penalties throughout his entire career (all yellow). This leads to an average of 1.33 cards per season. In the current playtime, he caught 1 yellow card. The briefest time his spent on a team counts eleven months in Stuttgarter Kickers (Germany). So far this season, Tobias Pachonik lost 60% of Carpi FC's matches in Serie B. Unfortunately they did not manage to wrap up a single fixture, but at least tied once. He reached the 156 appearances milestone as a professionl, the last one being just a few days ago.

While being substituted more out than in this season, we can observe that this trend came from last season. However, he shows 20 out and 22 in substitutions in total. Before joining Carpi FC, Tobias Pachonik was engaged in the squads of Stuttgarter Kickers, 1 FC Nuremberg II, Stuttgarter Kickers II, 1 FC Nuremberg and FC Schalke 04 II. His best season was Serie B 17/18 (Italy), because in this year he had his highest success in terms of but forward passes and match presence.

He received the jersey number 25 at Carpi FC. Tobias Pachonik is playing as defender in Carpi FC together with Enrico Pezzi, Emanuele Suagher, Fabrizio Poli, Gabriele Rolando, Alessandro Buongiorno, Senaid Lulja, Max Barnofsky, Anton Kresic and Michal Marcjanik. His record stay with a club is 1 FC Nuremberg II (Germany) with three years and 5 months. He weighs 87kg which is 11kg more than his team's average heftiness. This season Tobias Pachonik scored one and assisted one goal which is 2.7% of all of Carpi FC's goals in Serie B 18/19 (Italy). On average, he initialized 0.03 and hit the net 0.03 times per match this season which is a better performance than last year's. Back then 0 goals and 0.06 assists per match have been achieved.

(Last edited May 10, 2019)