Uros Matic


  • matches played 224
  • goals 28
  • assists 13
  • Last appearance (days ago) 8

At present, FK Austria Vienna is in Bundesliga (Austria) (group Championship Round) they are in fifth place. Uros Matic was used in 33 of the matches in the present term. Having been born in 1990, on May 23, Uros Matic's age of 28 makes him junior to the average player of FK Austria Vienna. Back in 2018, Serbian midfielder Uros Matic's contract with FK Austria Vienna, the club he is still a member of, took effect. With a height of 1.84m, he exceeds FK Austria Vienna's mean tallness by 3.

He also plays for FC Copenhagen. In his footballer career, a total of 17 cards were ascribed to Uros Matic. While thus obtaining an average of 0.94 cards per term, he has not even gotten any yet, for now. He is enjoying a great Bundesliga 18/19 (Austria) season so far, netting four times (7.9% of his team's sum) and initializing two goals. This leads to roughly 0.06 assists and 0.12 scores per match in the resent season. One could say he translated to a slighlty diminished form compared to last year yielding a per-match-quota of 0.12 goals and 0.18 assists.

His shortest stay in a club was five months in SK Sturm Graz (Austria). Uros Matic was contracted to a few clubs during his professional career, one of them being SK Sturm Graz, for whom he played before coming to Austria. His best season was Superliga 12/13 (Slovakia), because in this year he had his highest success in terms of goals. He plays with the jersey number 8. Three years and 11 months was the maximum period Uros Matic ever played in a team, which is FC VSS Kosice (Slovakia).

In terms of winning, his team was able to do so in 25% of Bundesliga's matches. While being substituted more out than in this season, the contrary occured the year before. However, he shows 27 out and 32 in substitutions in total. Today Uros Matic played his latest match. He completes FK Austria Vienna's intermediate department, alongside players like Thomas Ebner, Niels Hahn, Manprit Sarkaria, Alexander Grunwald, Vesel Demaku, Dominik Prokop, James Jeggo, Aleksandar Jukic and Thomas Salamon. He weighs 73kg which is just as much his team's average heftiness. Uros Matic played for seven other professional teams.

(Last edited May 12, 2019)