Brondby IF

Brondby IF
  • Country Denmark
  • Avg. age 23.4
  • Avg. height (cm) 184
  • Avg. weight (kg) 77.2
  • Foreign Players 40%
  • Manager Frederiksen, Niels (DNK)
  • Venue Brøndby Stadium
  • Venue capacity 29000

Brondby IF's home arena, the Brøndby Stadium in Copenhagen, offers enough space for up to 29000 spectators. Martin Retov (also) from Denmark looks after and coaches the kickers of the team. The football team is currently engaged in the Super League (semi-final - final match) on the fifth position in group Championship round with twelve failed of more than 30 games. However, Brondby IF have been eliminated in the fourth qualifying round of the UEFA Europa League. A total of 51 goals were scored, twelve of 33 games were successfully completed and 51 goals were conceded in the current season. The team has lost three games in the current season (against FC Midtjylland, Vendsyssel FF, AC Horsens), although it was leading in the first half.

Despite six triumphs and five defeats, the 4-3-1-2 arrangement is currently the most successful of the team. The difference between Brondby IF's biggest (Benedikt Rocker) and smallest (Besar Halimi) soccer player is 27 centimeters, while the mass is 183 cm. Instead of standing on the soccer field from the very first minute, a few kickers sat on the bench more often before the kick-off. This happened mainly to Benjamin Bellot (goalkeeper), Mikael Uhre and Nikolai Laursen (striker), Joel Kabongo and Hjortur Hermannsson (defender) plus Morten Frendrup (midfielder). The majority of footballers are right-footed.

In the home arena, FC Copenhagen proved to be the toughest opponent, with 124 wins and 159 losses achieved by Brondby IF. Often the club is offside (the bottom line three times), with the rivals on average once less often per game. He therefore seems to be playing too aggressively. Although Luke Singh is only 17 years old, the team has an average age of 24. The 2-0 victory in the 16th group phase game of the Superligaen against AGF Aarhus was to be expected after Brondby IF fought for their greatest superiority in the first half of the current season of two points. Only 37% of the 14 goal attempts per match (average) finally reached the square.

In the first half, the club tends to take the lead. In summary Brondby IF weighs as much as 91 crates of beer, but in the mass even 8.1 kg less than an average European. At 63 kg, this value is most exceeded by the right-footed jersey number 32 Morten Frendrup. In their final Super League match against FC Nordsjaelland, the team didn't want to take any big risks in terms of order and used the most effective order of the season (4-3-1-2). Finally Brondby IF won 2 to 0. The last triumph of the selection against FC Nordsjaelland was 9 months and 13 days ago. Since then, both groups have met six more times. The most recent match was on 5 August 2018, with 210 matches over the last 16 years in which the football team scored 186 points against FC Nordsjaelland.

In away matches, the team prefers to play AGF Aarhus, as this is where most of the victories took place. The biggest goal of the current season was the 77kg heavy jersey number 22 Josip Radosevic who scored on 17 March 2019 in the 26th group phase match of the Superligaen against AC Horsens from 31m distance in the 36th minute. It took just 37 seconds for Brondby IF to collect the fastest goal of the current season. This was shot by Andreas Olsen (FC Midtjylland) in the 28th group phase game of the Superligaen. The goalkeepers of the team have done an excellent job in securing opposing goal attempts.

25 professional footballers have made it into the starting eleven this season. They include midfielders Lasse Vigen Christensen and Christian Norgaard, left-back Kevin Mensah, right-back Johan Larsson, strikers Uffe Bech and Simon Hedlund and centre-back Paulus Arajuuri. Left-footed jersey number 20 Kamil Wilczek scored BRO's latest goal of the current season in the 94th minute against FK Spartak Subotica. Unfortunately Brondby IF suffered a failure on 16.12.2018 in the 20th group phase game of the Superligaen against Vendsyssel FF in the last quarter by a direct goal of Sander Fischer 78 seconds before final whistle. That happened in the current season another four times against FC Copenhagen, AC Horsens, Esbjerg FB and Esbjerg FB. Im undefined. In the UEFA Europa League qualifying round match against KRC Genk on 23 August 2018, the team conceded the biggest draw of the season of two goals.

The most victorious conclusion has the Equipe against FC Nordsjaelland (125/49/36). On the other hand, the balance against FC Copenhagen (124/92/159) is the worst in recent years. In the current season Brondby IF has tested four different formations: 4-1-2-3, 4-3-1-2, 4-3-3 and 4-1-3-2. Despite lagging behind in the first half they managed to win such a match against Vejle BK in the current season.

(Last edited May 16, 2019)