FC Metz

FC Metz
  • Country France
  • Avg. age 24.2
  • Avg. height (cm) 182
  • Avg. weight (kg) 73.7
  • Foreign Players 50%
  • Manager Antonetti, Frederic (FRA)
  • Venue Stade Saint Symphorien
  • Venue capacity 26661

The Stade Saint Symphorien in Metz, the home venue of FC Metz, was built to accommodate more than 26600 people. The team is currently engaged in Ligue 2 (group stage - 37th matchday) on the first position with only 14% in lost games. On the other hand, the selection is eliminated in the round of 16 against US Orleans 45 of the Coupe de France. All in all, 23 goals were scored, 23 goals were conceded and 23 of 37 matches were won, most of them from Ligue 2. Frederic Antonetti (also) from France looks after and coaches the professional footballers of the team.

Although FC Metz were behind in the first half, they managed to score a positive points difference against Clermont Foot in such a match this season. With an average height of 180cm, the football players of the team are not taller than their opponents. In FCM's own stadium, AS Monaco has manifested itself as the fiercest opponent, with eleven victories and 16 defeats being realised by FC Metz. The widest goal of the current season was scored by Ibrahima Niane, a 73kg right-foot player, on 11 August 2018 in the Ligue 2's third group-phase match against Clermont Foot from 20m distance in the 61st minute. Sometimes it happens that a game is clarified just before the end of the game, as for example on 11 August 2018 against Clermont Foot through a goal from the 26-year-old midfielder Farid Boulaya in the 88th minute. The team managed such a victory two more times in the current season.

In the eighth Ligue 2 group-phase match against Paris FC on 22 September 2018, FC Metz suffered the maximum disadvantage of this season of two goals. Recently, the football team tried the 4-3-3 formation against Grenoble Foot in Ligue 2, which ended in a draw (1-1). In the first half, the group tends to gain an advantage. Thomas Delaine and Stopilla Sunzu (left-back), Mamadou Fofana (midfielder), Matthieu Udol (right-back), Farid Boulaya (left-exterior), John Boye (centre-back) plus Alexandre Oukidja (goalkeeper) were with 15 other players on the grid this season. In FC Metz 86% prefer to kick with their right foot.

The team can show the most profitable result against LB Chateauroux (23/10/2). On the other hand, the deal against FC Lorient (7/8/16) is the worst in historical terms. The goalkeepers of the team have made a satisfactory effort in defending against opposing goal attempts. Only 37% of the 11 goal attempts per game (bottom line) finally reached the goal. FC Metz has the best balance (9/6/2) with the 4-3-3 arrangement. The last victory of the team against LB Chateauroux was 6 months and 7 days ago. Meanwhile, both teams met only once more. The last meeting took place on 9 November 2018. In the 35 meetings of the last 21 years, the score of the selection against LB Chateauroux is 27. In Ligue 2's 34th group phase match against Grenoble Foot, 20-year-old striker Ibrahima Niane scored the FCM's fastest goal of the current season after 9 minutes.

This season FC Metz has tested two arrangements: 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1. The 175cm tall right foot Ivan Balliu scored the latest FCM direct goal of the current season in the 100th minute against Saint-Quentin. Although the majority of footballers measure about 25 years, the 74kg heavy jersey number 24 Renaud Cohade has had the greatest influence on this value. The biggest half-time advantage of three goals came from FC Metz in the 36th Ligue 2 group stage match against Valenciennes FC. In the end, the French team also won 3-0. With a win rate of 76.47% in away games against LB Chateauroux, this opponent is apparently the most trivial for the French selection. In terms of mass, the average of the 72 kg team tends to be dainty, influenced mainly by the 20-year-old Cheikh Tidiane Sabaly, the 166cm tall Ablie Jallow and the 30-year-old Frenchman Jonathan Rivierez. Instead of being in the starting line-up, some professional soccer players were sitting on the bench before the kickoff. Mostly it was Paul Delecroix (goalkeeper), Ivan Balliu and Laurent Jans (defender), Emmanuel Riviere and Ablie Jallow (striker) as well as Jamiro Monteiro (midfielder).

(Last edited May 15, 2019)