HNK Hajduk Split

HNK Hajduk Split
  • Country Croatia
  • Avg. age 22.9
  • Avg. height (cm) 182.7
  • Avg. weight (kg) 76.3
  • Foreign Players 40%
  • Manager Buric, Damir (HRV)
  • Venue Stadion Poljud
  • Venue capacity 35000

HNK Hajduk Split is currently engaged in the 1st HNL (group stage - 34th matchday) in fourth place with 21% of failed matches. On the other hand, the team was eliminated in the third qualifying round of the UEFA Europa League. All in all, 34 goals were conceded, 34 goals scored and 15 out of 33 games triumphed, most of them from the 1st HNL. The Poljud Stadium in Divisions, the home venue of the selection, was built to accommodate more than 35000 visitors. The Croatian team is currently being trained by the Croatian Sinisa Orescanin.

The last triumph of HNK Hajduk Split against NK Inter Zapresic was 6 months and 6 days ago. Since then there have been three more matches. The most recent match was on 10 November 2018, with HNK Hajduk Split's 159 matches over the last 15 years to 265 points against NK Inter Zapresic. In the home arena, HNK Gorica proved to be the fiercest rival, with no triumph and five failures achieved by HNK Hajduk Split. Of the average of 15 shots at the square per match, only 35% were actually taken, the rest missed (42%) or were paralysed by the competitor (22%). Thanks to the late goal in the 94th minute by 23-year-old Croatian Fran Tudor, the football team managed to win 2-1 against NK Slaven on 9 March 2019.

The distance between HNK Hajduk Split's biggest (Goran Blazevic) and smallest (Francesco Tahiraj and Fran Tudor) kickers is an astonishing 29 centimeters, at the same time the mean value is 183 cm. The team has the most victorious result against NK Inter Zapresic (99/44/16). On the other hand, the result against HNK Gorica (0/6/5) is historically the most negative. In terms of body weight, the average of the 76 kg team is rather thin, which was primarily influenced by the 179 cm tall striker Adam Gyurcso and the 32 year old Croatian Goran Blazevic. Although Mario Vuskovic is only 17 years old, HNK Hajduk Split has an average age of 23.

When HNK Hajduk split Split's 68kg heavy midfielder Mijo Caktas on August 2, 2018 in the undefined midfield. The fans of PFC Slavia Sofia even cheered when the UEFA Europa League's first qualifying round against PFC Slavia Sofia scored the goal from a distance of 80m. In away games, the club likes to meet NK Osijek, as they have had the most triumphs. The most frequent substitutes are goalkeeper Marin Ljubic, midfielders Toma Basic, Stanko Juric and Edin Sehic, as well as strikers Ahmed Said and Bozo Mikulic. In the 31st Group Phase match of the 1st HNL against HNK Gorica on 27 April 2019 HNK Hajduk Split suffered the biggest disadvantage of the current playing time of two goals.

In their last game of the 1st HNL against NK Osijek, the group did not want to try anything exotic in terms of arrangement and resorted to the most promising arrangement of the current season (4-3-2-1). NK Osijek scored 4-1 in the end. In the first half, the group often tends to gain an advantage. It took 12 minutes for HNK Hajduk Split to concede their fastest goal since August. This own goal was scored by Oleksandr Svatok (HSP) in the 32nd group phase game of the 1st HNL. The club scored the greatest possible half-time superiority of three goals in the 30th group phase match of the 1st HNL against HNK Rijeka. Finally, the Croatian club also won 4 to 0.

Borja Lopez and Zoran Nizic (centre-back), Hamza Barry (right), Andre Fomitschow (left), Tomislav Duka (goalkeeper), Dino Besirevic (midfielder) and Mirko Ivanovski (striker) were on the starting line-up with 4 other pros in the current season. The mass of professional footballers prefers the right foot. Sometimes it happens that a game is clarified only in the last ten minutes of play, as for example on 9 March 2019 against NK Slaven with two goals from the Croatian midfielder Stanko Juric and the Croatian midfielder Fran Tudor in the minutes 90 and 88, on 9 March 2019. HNK Hajduk Split achieved such a success just once again in the current season. The goalkeepers in the group have shown exemplary dedication in defending against opposing goal attempts.

(Last edited May 15, 2019)