Montpellier HSC

Montpellier HSC
  • Country France
  • Avg. age 24.2
  • Avg. height (cm) 181.7
  • Avg. weight (kg) 75.4
  • Foreign Players 40%
  • Manager Dall'Oglio, Oliver (FRA)
  • Venue Stade de La Mosson
  • Venue capacity 22000

Montpellier HSC's home stadium, the Stade de la Mosson in Montpellier, offers enough space for up to 32900 spectators. The team is currently in fifth place in Ligue 1 (group stage - 36th matchday) with 42% of winning matches. Meanwhile, the group is eliminated in the round of 64 against Entente SSG of the Coupe de France. All in all, 40 goals were scored, 15 of 36 games were won and 40 goals were conceded - most of them in Ligue 1. Michel Der Zakarian (also) from France looks after and coaches the kickers of the selection.

Montpellier HSC has suffered a defeat in a match since August (against Dijon FCO) despite superiority in the first half. Instead of being part of the starting eleven, a few soccer players often sat on the bench before the kickoff. Petar Skuletic and Souleymane Camara (strikers), Facundo Piriz and Paul Lasne (midfielders), Dimitry Bertaud (goalkeepers) and Nicolas Cozza (defenders) were the main attackers. With over four formations, the team started in the games of the current season (5-3-2, 3-4-3, 4-2-3-1, 3-4-1-2, 3-5-2). In Montpellier HSC, 38% prefer to shoot with their right foot.

The team have suffered a total of two failures in the current season shortly before the end of the game, most recently 130 days ago against L'Entente SSG after a goal 129 seconds before final whistle. Although the team were behind in the first half, they managed to win in such a match against AS Monaco in the current season. In their final Ligue 1 match against AS Saint Etienne, Montpellier HSC did not want to take any big risks in terms of order and used the most effective order of the season (3-4-1-2). Finally, Montpellier HSC won 1-0. With an average height of 181cm, the pros of the club are more in the normal range as their opponents.

Although Vincenzo Cozzella is only 17 years old, the team has an average age of 25. Montpellier HSC achieved the highest lead of the first half of three goals in the twelfth group phase match of the Ligue 1 against Olympique Marseille. In the end, the French football team has also successfully finished with 3:0. French midfielder Junior Zambia scored the widest goal of the season on 27 October 2018 in Ligue 1's eleventh group-phase match against Toulouse FC from 23m distance in the 90th minute. After only 60 seconds the group conceded the fastest goal of the current season. This was shot by Loick Landre (SCO Angers) in the 23rd group stage game of Ligue 1.

In the home arena, AS Monaco has manifested itself as the toughest competitor, with four victories and 48 defeats brought out by Montpellier HSC. The last triumph of the team against SCO Angers was one year and 3 months ago. Meanwhile, three more meetings were held. The most recent game was on 10 November 2018, with 33 games over the last 25 years in which the team scored 10 points against SCO Angers. In the first half the group tends to secure a lead. 82kg Frenchman Andy Delort has scored MHSC's latest goal of the season 185 seconds before the final whistle against AS Monaco.

In the 17th Ligue 1 group stage match against Paris Saint-Germain on 20 February 2019, Montpellier HSC had the biggest possible disadvantage of the current season of three points. Florent Mollet, Giovanni Sio and Keagan Dolly (strikers), Damien Le Tallec (midfielders), Mihailo Ristic and Morgan Poaty (left wing) as well as Benjamin Lecomte (goalkeepers) were in the starting line-up with 14 other players this season. The group holds the most effective result against SCO Angers (20/7/6). In contrast, the result against AS Monaco (4/23/48) is the most negative in recent years. Sporadically, it happens that a match is only decided in the last ten minutes of play, such as on 1 December 2018 against AS Monaco with two goals from the left-footed jersey number 10 Gaetan Laborde and the Serbian striker Petar Skuletic in minutes 86 and 81 by 1 December 2018. Such a triumph Montpellier HSC managed only one more time in since August.

With a win rate of 80% in away games against SCO Angers, this opponent seems to be the safest for the French team. With regard to the body weight, the average of the group with 74 kg is rather light, with the 28-year-old left foot Petar Skuletic and the 21-year-old jersey number 22 Killian Sanson being the most prominent. The keepers of Montpellier HSC have made an exemplary effort in terms of the hold of opposing shots on goal. With ten successes and two defeats, the 3-4-1-2 formation is currently the most successful in the group. Only 36% of the 13 goal attempts per game (bottom line) finally hit the goal.

(Last edited May 15, 2019)