SK Sturm Graz

SK Sturm Graz
  • Country Austria
  • Avg. age 22.9
  • Avg. height (cm) 181.1
  • Avg. weight (kg) 74.8
  • Foreign Players 30%
  • Manager Ilzer, Christian (AUT)
  • Venue Merkur Arena
  • Venue capacity 16764

SK Sturm Graz is currently trained by the Austrian Roman Mahlich. The selection is currently engaged in the Bundesliga AT (group stage - 22nd matchday) on the fourth position in group Championship Round with 33% lost matches. In contrast, the group were eliminated in the third qualifying round of the UEFA Europa League and the second qualifying round of the UEFA Champions League. All in all, 36 goals were conceded, 36 goals were scored and ten out of 30 games were won - the majority of them in the Bundesliga AT. The Merkur Arena in Graz, the home stage of the team, was built to accommodate more than 16700 spectators.

Gideon Mensah and Filipe Ferreira (left-back), Philipp Hosiner (striker), Markus Lackner and Juan Dominguez (midfielder), Jorg Siebenhandl (goalkeeper) plus Fabian Koch (right-back) were in the starting line-up with 18 other players this season. With an outcome of 84 wins, 89 draws and 142 defeats against FC Salzburg in the home arena, this selection is the toughest opponent there. In the 29th Group Phase match of the Bundesliga against SKN St. Polten the Austrian right-foot Markus Pink has scored the fastest goal of the STU since August after only 190 seconds. In the current season SK Sturm Graz has tested nine different formations: 4-4-2, 3-4-1-2, 4-1-3-2, 4-3-1-2, 4-3-3, 3-4-3, 3-5-2, 4-1-4-1 and 5-3-2.

When SK Sturm Graz's 73kg heavy right foot Stefan Hierlander scored the goal from 19m distance in the 28th group phase match of the Bundesliga against LASK Linz on 28 April 2019, even the supporters of the opposing team were stunned. The group has the greatest success (5/4/3) with the 3-4-3 formation. In the football eleven, 14% prefer the right foot. The most frequent substitutes are goalkeeper Tobias Schutzenauer, defenders Thomas Schrammel and Tasos Avlonitis, midfielders Lukas Grozurek and Raphael Obermair plus striker Emeka Eze. The last triumph of SK Sturm Graz against SCR Altach was one year and one month ago. Since then, both football elves have met five more times. The most recent game took place on 19 August 2018. In the 63 meetings of the last 13 years, SK Sturm Graz's score against SCR Altach is 70.

Although Lukas Fadinger and Tobias Koch are only 18 years old, the team has an average age of 24. With a success rate of 81.25 % in away games against SCR Altach, this opponent seems to be the easiest for the Austrian selection. SK Sturm Graz managed to win two games from the 80th minute on. Especially unexpected was the seventh group phase match of the Bundesliga against Admira Wacker on 15 September 2018, in which it was 2 to 2 until the 28 year old right foot Markus Lackner scored a goal in minute 86. In the first half, the football team tends to take the lead early.

The club have suffered a loss in the current season just before the end of the game, 45 days ago against SKN St. Polten after a full goal from Husein Balic 10 minutes before the final whistle. The most promising outcome is SK Sturm Graz against SCR Altach (37/16/10). On the other hand, the record against FC Salzburg (84/89/142) is historically the worst. Recently, the club tried the 4-1-4-1 arrangement against FK Austria Vienna in the Bundesliga AT, which resulted in a defeat (1:3). Thanks to the late goal in the 94th minute by 188cm jersey number 11 Lukas Grozurek, the team managed to win 2 to 0 against SCR Altach on November 25, 2018.

After an inferiority of four goals, the largest since August, against AEK Larnaca FC in the undefined Larnaca. The UEFA Europa League qualifying round had already prepared for a failure. In the end the match ended 0 : 5. SK Sturm Graz has this season three matches not decided for itself (against LASK Linz, RZ Pellets WAC, FC Salzburg) despite lead in the first half. The distance between SK Sturm Graz's smallest (Otar Kiteishvili) and largest (Markus Lackner) soccer player is 23 centimetres, while the mass is 181 cm. The goalkeepers of the team have made an exceptional effort in defending against opposing shots on goal.

Regarding the weight the average of the team with 75 kg tends to be a flyweight, the Ghanaian defender Gideon Mensah and the 188cm tall Austrian Markus Pink are the exceptions. The 3-0 win in the 18th Bundesliga Group Phase match against Admira Wacker was not a big surprise after SK Sturm Graz had their biggest possible half-time advantage of three goals this season. Of the average of 11 attempts on the goal per match, only 40% actually hit it, the rest were messed up (39%) or blocked by the rival (21%).

(Last edited May 15, 2019)