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VfL Wolfsburg II

VfL Wolfsburg II
  • Country Germany
  • Avg. age
  • Avg. height (cm)
  • Avg. weight (kg)
  • Foreign Players %
  • Manager Ziehl, Rudiger (DEU)
  • Venue Aok Stadion
  • Venue capacity 5200

VfL Wolfsburg II is currently engaged in the regional league North (group stage - 33rd matchday) on the first position with predominantly won matches. The home stadium of the team, the Aok Stadium in Wolfsburg, offers enough space for up to 5200 spectators. Rudiger Ziehl (also) from Germany looks after and coaches the football players of the selection. In VfL Wolfsburg II, 11% like to kick with both their right and left feet. In the third group stage match of the Regionalliga North against Kieler SV Holstein 1900 on 5 August 2018 the football team suffered the biggest disadvantage of the current season of three goals. Despite inferiority in the first half they managed to triumph in such a game against SV Werder Bremen II in the current season.

In Auswärtsmatches, VfL Wolfsburg II prefers to meet Eintracht Norderstedt, as this is where the most frequent triumphs take place. The last success of the football team against SSV Jeddeloh II was on August 5, 2017. Since then there have been five more matches. The most recent meeting was on 29 September 2018, when the club had a -5 point difference against SSV Jeddeloh II in seven matches since 5 August 2017. The 8-0 win against TSV Havelse in the seventh group stage match of the Regionalliga North was no big surprise after VfL Wolfsburg II achieved their maximum half-time lead of six points in the current season. Although Amir Abdijanovic and Michael Joseph Edwards are only 18 years old, the team has an average age of 22.

The farthest goal of the current season went to the German double foot Michele Rizzi on 18 August 2018 in the fifth group-phase match of the Regionalliga North against Eintracht Norderstedt from 80m distance in the 59th minute. In the twelfth group-phase match of the North Regional League against SSV Jeddeloh II, young midfielder Richmond Tachie scored the WOB's fastest goal of the current season in just 60 seconds. The difference between VfL Wolfsburg II's biggest (Phillip Menzel) and smallest (Amara Conde) soccer player is an impressive 19 centimetres, while the average is 183 cm. Regarding the weight the average of the club is rather slim with 75 kg, especially extreme are the German right foot Phillip Menzel and the 173cm jersey number 27 Amara Conde.

Thanks to the late goal in the second minute of injury time by VfL Wolfsburg II, the group managed to win 2-0 against FC St. Pauli on 26 April 2019. In WOB's own stadium SSV Jeddeloh II proved to be the strongest opponent, as two successes and five failures were realized by VfL Wolfsburg II. In the first half, the group tends to take the lead more often. Sometimes it happens that a game is sealed shortly before the end of the game, as on 15 September 2018 against SC Weiche Flensburg 08 by a direct goal of the 184cm tall defender Dominik Franke in the 90th minute. The team only managed such a victory one more time this season. As passably as against Eintracht Norderstedt (21/0/2) it did not run in the last years against every opponent. The empirically strongest competitor is SSV Jeddeloh II with two triumphs, no stalemate and five losses on the part of VfL Wolfsburg II.

(Last edited May 15, 2019)