Wacker Burghausen is currently active in the Bavaria regional league (group stage - 33rd matchday) in fourth place with 45 % of successful matches. The home arena of the team, the Wacker Arena in Burghausen, offers enough space for up to 10000 people. The German team is currently being trained by the German Wolfgang Schellenberg. In the 29th group phase match of the regional league Bavaria against SV Heimstetten on 13 April 2019, Wacker Burghausen had the highest handicap of the current season of two points. Nevertheless, Wacker Burghausen managed to win 3-2 and leave the field. In the first half, the club tends to gain an advantage.

It hasn't been rosy against every competitor in recent years. SV Viktoria Aschaffenburg is empirically the strongest competitor with no victory, two draws and five losses on the part of Wacker Burghausen. The farthest goal of the current season shot the 183cm tall right foot Lukas Aigner on August 11, 2018 in the sixth group phase game of the Regionalliga Bavaria against VfR Garching from 23m distance in the 45th minute. Unfortunately, on 09.03.2019 the team did not win the 24th group phase match of the regional league Bavaria against SV Viktoria Aschaffenburg shortly before the end of the game with two goals from Jonas Fritsch and Clay Verkaj in minutes 85 and 90. Fortunately, this was the only time this season. Although the majority of professional footballers are about 23 years old, the 188cm tall goalkeeper Robert Mayer has had the greatest influence on this figure.

Sometimes it happens that a game is only sealed after the 80th minute, as for example on April 5, 2019 against FC Memmingen by two goals from the 20-year-old right foot Julien Richter and the German right foot Marius Duhnke in minutes 87 and 84. With an average height of 183cm, the pros of Wacker Burghausen are rather as high as their opponents. Despite being behind in the first half, they managed to win against FC Pipinsried and FC Memmingen in two such games this season. 22-year-old German Felix Bachschmid scored BUR's latest goal of this season in the 89th minute against FC Augsburg.

Regarding the body weight, the mass of Wacker Burghausen is rather slim with 75 kg, which was mainly influenced by the 24 year old German Andreas Scheidl and the 195cm tall German Franco Fluckiger. With a result of no success at all, two drawers and five failures against SV Viktoria Aschaffenburg in the home stage, this selection is also the fiercest rival there. It took 19 minutes for the group to collect the fastest goal from their opponents this season. This own goal was scored by Fabian Eberle (BUR) in the 16th group phase game of the Regionalliga Bavaria. The last victory of Wacker Burghausen against FC Memmingen was one year ago. Then both groups met three more times. The most recent match was on September 14, 2018, when Wacker Burghausen's points account against FC Memmingen stood at 9 in 19 matches over the past 4 years and 9 months.

The football team achieved the maximum half-time lead of three goals in the 29th group phase match of the Regionalliga Bavaria against SV Heimstetten. Finally, the German group won by 3 to 2. In the selection 63 % prefer to kick with the right foot. With a win rate of 80 % in away games against FC Memmingen, this competitor is apparently the least dangerous for Wacker Burghausen.

(Last edited May 15, 2019)