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Top 10 red card goal celebrations

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Nowadays every football player seems to have a particular type of celebration. Everyone wants to have the coolest moves to celebrate a goal. This goes from silly dances, gimmick gestures, backflips, team moves. Everybody enjoys celebrations as they characterize a player in particular but sometimes it goes too far and the referee interrupts the fun as he doesn’t appreciate the performance or consider that it doesn’t belong on a football field. Those moments are roller coasters for the player are they go from joy to regrets.

Here are the 10 most notable red cards linked to goal celebrations

10. Mattia Destro – half removing shirt

In 2012 Roma is playing against Palermo and is winning 4-1, as Mattia Destro scores, he celebrates by half removing his shirt, according to Law 12 of IAFB relating to ‘Fouls and Misconduct’, stating: “A player who removes his jersey after scoring a goal will be cautioned for unsporting behavior.” Cumulating two yellow cards, Destro is out of the game.

9. Medi Dresevic – Running in stands and applauding himself

In 2016 in the Swedish championship, Norrby IF thrashed Tvaaker 6-1 thanks to a hat-trick from a 24-year-old defender, Medi Dresevic. To celebrates his performance, he decided to do like the fans and applause himself, maybe because the stadium was empty? Anyway, the referee didn’t found it funny and gave him a second yellow card.

8. Edinson Cavani – Sniper moves

In 2014, as PSG is playing against Lens in the Ligue 1, Cavani who is nicknamed “The Sniper”, celebrates by doing a rifle move. It wasn’t of the taste of the referee who sent him off.  PSG president Nasser Al Khelaifi declared  “He always celebrates the same way. He doesn’t deserve this red card. For a start, why did he get this yellow card before?”

7. Roman Shirokov – Insulting his fans

Roman Shirokov apparently has some beef with the fans of his team, Zenit St Petersburg as just after scoring he demonstrates his relation to his fans by doing obscene gestures toward them.

6. Fidel Martinez – Shooting his teammate

In 2012 Mexico’s Tijuana is playing against their rivals Toluca and the 22 years old Ecuartorian Fidel Martinez mimed gunning down a fellow player to death to celebrate a goal was surprised to find himself rewarded with a straight red card. Indeed the Mexican Championship strongly prohibits demonstrations of violence in the context of football. The hilarious part is when the player is still doing the worm in front of the referee with the red card in his hand!

5. Emmanuel Emenike – Taunting move

For this red card celebration, it occurred during a game between Spartak Moscow against Zenit Saint Petersburg. Emmanuel Emenike scores a goal and after making a gesture towards the Zenit bench gets a red card. The referee didn’t accept the provocation. Emenike later justified himself by saying “I did this to credit the goal I scored last time for my parents”

4. Carlos Tevez – Dancing Chicken

As Boca Junior is playing against their forever rivals of River plate, Carlos Tevez scores a goal and celebrated by imitating a chicken, Boca Juniors often calls their rivals “Gallinas”(chickens). The provocation got him to be sent away! Notice the look of River Plate Fan at 0: 26!

3. Dally Gbale – Ass showing provocation

For this red card celebration, Portuguese player Dally Gbale shows his love to the opponent team by showing them his ass! Nothing more, nothing less, he gets sent away

2. Mario Gjurovski – No pants celebration

Well for this one, it’s all about pretending to be Rambo without pants, a secret to impress the opponents maybe? Mario Djurovski apparently thought it was a good idea. Well, it was not.

1. Jacopo Violani – Headbutt in the dugout

Some players really get carried away after scoring, well Jacopo Violani, an Italian player literally destroy his dugout after scoring, he passes all his teammates to completely go throughout the dugout with his head