Burak Camoglu


  • 已参加比赛 152
  • 进球 4
  • 辅助 3
  • 最后出场( 天之前) 24

Back in 2017, Turkish midfielder Burak Camoglu's contract with Karlsruher SC (Germany), the club he is still a member of, took effect. Burak Camoglu stands 173cm high and thus is 10cm smaller than his team on average. Until now, he has been present in 21 games. He is NaN years younger than than his team's average age, as he was born on 05.10.1996. Burak Camoglu prefers to play with his right foot, as do 46% of his teammates. The club of Burak Camoglu, Karlsruher SC, presently holds second position in 3rd Liga (Germany).

Ever since Burak Camoglu became a professional, he has been committed to overall four clubs. Concerning the latest matches, his club won in 3rd Liga. Before joining Karlsruher SC, he impressed at Borussia Dortmund II and Borussia Dortmund. Burak Camoglu's shortest stay in a club has been 23 months in his present-day squad. Altogether, he was substituted in 20 and out 33 times. Currently, he left the pit more than he entered it which holds true for last season as well.

It's been eleven days since he played his latest match. Burak Camoglu received the jersey number 2 at Karlsruher SC. In terms of top seasons, the 3rd Liga 18/19 (Germany) was his best one yet, breaking two personal records in terms of not only goals but also assists. In his footballer career, a total of eleven cards were ascribed to Burak Camoglu. While thus obtaining an average of 1.57 cards per term, he has not even gotten any yet, for now.

Weighing 147.71lb, he measures 26lb less than the average player on Karlsruher SC. In the recent term, he managed to find the net twice and provided three times additional assists which accounts for 3.4% of Karlsruher SC's goals in 3rd Liga 18/19 (Germany). He scored an average of 0.1 goals and provided 0.1 assists per game so far, marking a improved performance when compared to last season, when he had 0 strikes and 0.1 assists per match. Burak Camoglu's longest stay in a team counts four years and 11 months in Borussia Dortmund. Apart from Burak Camoglu, Kyoung Rok Choi, Marc Lorenz, Manuel Stiefler, Marvin Wanitzek, Janis Hanek, Justin Mobius and Sercan Sararer are also midfielders of Karlsruher SC.

(Last edited May 9, 2019)